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Starting or shifting your business premises isn’t something you have to do at the beginning of the year (though you’ll probably do it at the beginning of the month, for leasing purposes). So regardless of whether it is February or August, you can still make the move. Your reasons may be influenced by an increase (or decrease) in business size or staff volumes.

Your organisation may have grown so large you want more floor space or a better location. Or you may be downsizing budget and manpower. In both these cases, your existing furniture just won’t do. It may be too much for a smaller office or look lost in a bigger one. Plus, your old office furnishings may not be suitable for your new office layout.

And psychologically, you really just want a clean break. It’s better for your peace of mind, and for staff morale. Of course, if this is your first office then you don’t have any existing furniture to play with, you have a completely blank slate, and that can be overwhelming. Wherever you fall in the scenarios we’ve mentioned (or even if we haven’t touched on your situation),  All Office is here to help with the office design. And just like our name says, we have everything you need.

Your Office Shopping Tour Guide

Start by considering the function of your office. It’s not about how many employees you have. It’s about how many spend their 9 to 5 on the premises. For example, your mobile staff (sales team, delivery guys) may not have stationary desks. They only spend a few hours in their designated lounge and the rest of their workday in the field. They probably want a (stocked) fridge with cold drinks, a coffee maker, a microwave, and WiFi.

Since they don’t have permanent work stations, they don’t need boring desks and office chairs. You can invest in Pause tables instead. They’re on the smaller side, just enough for a single laptop or snack plate. And their eccentric shapes and sizes are perfect for cooling off after hours of ‘fieldwork’. Examples of what we have in stock include:

These staffers spend most of the day on the move, so when they do report to the office, they probably want to put their feet up. Or, as they’re unlikely to all be in the office at the same time, you can invest in stackable chairs like the Easy Stacker. That way, the room stays consistently spacious. It also makes it easier to re-organize the room for staff meetings.

You could opt for something more quirky, like our Surround seats. They’re exactly what they sound like – high-backed single-seater chairs that curl right around you, with brightly coloured seat cushions and a work-surface tucked into one side. They’re ideal for creating privacy in open-plan offices, but only if you work on tablets or laptops.

Comfy but Professional

Some offices are driven by desk-work, so their lobby front office holds people waiting for meetings, while the bulk of their staff are in cubicles or open-plan halls. But if your business is more service-oriented, like a customer care centre, a niche shopping venue, a clinic, or a communal creatives’ space, your reception area needs more attention. You want to keep it light and airy because it’s likely to hold large volumes of consistent traffic.

Buying the right furniture improves your clients’ experience, but it can also cut down your utility bills (primarily, cleaning and air conditioning). Opt for leather lounges rather than fabric ones. They look classy, clean easily, and are breathable, so they hold less heat and moisture. Single-seater armchairs are cosy and comfortable for long waits, and are good for interview areas, medical practices, or law offices where your clients are distressed and would rather be ‘alone’.

This type of client wants to stay in their own heads. They don’t want to have their personal space infringed, so we recommend our stylish Cosmos or Chicago chairs, leather seats with neat, linear designs and gleaming metallic feet. You can order the Chicago as an armchair or 2 seater couch, while Cosmos comes in multiple colours, and they have longer lounge options as well. We also have high-back and no-back iterations.

For everything you need to complete your new office design, call All Office today on (021) 440 7700.


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