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Travel With Flair

Product Descriptions

Location: Johannesburg

Circa: 2024

Travel With Flair is one of South Africa’s leading travel management companies with offices across South Africa. We worked with Travel With Flair to furnish their open plan office. The combination of The Flexiline desking system with Coimbra tops and our Ergonomic Cassie chairs proved a perfect fit for this functional and versatile workspace.


Location: Cape Town

Category: Commercial

Area: n/a

Circa: 2022

Potentiam helps SME companies build world-class offshore teams from offices in Iasi, Bangalore and Cape Town. We worked on a project with them to refit their Cape Town office, supplying all chairs, desks and ancillary furniture, even designing new office wallpaper and coordinating a specialist wallpaper contractor to install it.

Images courtesy ThinkSpace.
Link: https://thinkspace.global/work/

Distell – Head Office

Location: Stellenbosch

Category: Commercial

Area: 3300m²

Circa: 2019

Distell needed to transform their head office in Stellenbosch into a collaborative and agile environment. We worked with ThinkSpace to shift them from a closed office environment to an open-plan office, specifying, supplying and installing adaptable and dynamic shaped desks, chairs, and storage units.

Images courtesy ThinkSpace.
Link: https://thinkspace.global/work/

Direct Axis

Location: Cape Town

Category: Contact Centre

Area: 23,000m²

Circa: 2020

A full revamp of the Direct Axis contact office in 2017 introduced a new, modern way of working.

We worked with ThinkSpace to scope, supply and install desks and chairs that would enable superior of flexibility and collaboration while allowing for organic growth amongst the various business functions.

Images courtesy ThinkSpace.
Link: https://thinkspace.global/work/


Location: Cape Town

Category: Commercial

Area: 910m²

Circa: 2023

KnowBe4, a leader in cybersecurity, needed a vision for their new office in Cape Town’s bustling Gardens neighbourhood to draw staff back into the office, and offer a compelling counterpoint to remote working arrangements.

We worked with ThinkSpace to scope, supply and install desks and chairs that would help create a vibrant hub of innovation and collaboration.

Images courtesy ThinkSpace.
Link: https://thinkspace.global/work/

G Adventures

Client: G Adventures
Location: Cape Town
Category: Commercial
Area: 330m²
Circa: 2023
G Adventures’ new International Office and Contact Centre in Cape Town is all about infusing their “Love, Lead, Embrace, Create, and Do” ethos into design, functionality and layout. We assisted ThinkSpace by supplying and installing chair and desk clusters to foster a collaborative yet visually distinct work environment.

Images courtesy ThinkSpace.
Link: https://thinkspace.global/work/

Achievement Awards

Founded in 1980 Achievement Awards Group is South Africa’s leading full service incentive and performance provider to a wide range of leading businesses. Its rapid growth resulted in them accommodating their staff in three separate locations. The Executive Directors realised that they needed to centralize their current operation.

A decision was taken to build a new office complex in Westlake to accommodate the administrative staff and to incorporate their warehouse and dispatch facility under one roof.

Trevor Paul of ULTI S.A. was appointed to design and fit out the interior of the building. His brief was to create an upmarket interior with an international feel. Trevor researched various furniture ranges to achieve the ambiance he wanted. In conjunction with All Office, prototypes were manufactured for comments by Achievement Awards’ project team. Of particular importance was cabling and network infrastructure within the desking system.

The range chosen was Benchmark with soft profiled edges and shaped tops for additional user comfort. A combination of grey and white surfaces was used to create a modern look and feel complimenting the cherry panels on some walls.

The use of chrome and vibrant multi coloured Plexi glass panels created a crisp vibrant feel to their call centre HUB. With Achievement Awards decision to upgrade to flat screen monitors, a rectilinear planning solution provided the best utilization of floor space with ample room to accommodate expansion for the foreseeable future.

All Office has successfully provided Achievement Awards their furniture for over 15 years and was proud to be associated with this project.


When Trevor Honeyset, M.D. of Clicks decided to consolidate the various divisions of their operation it necessitated an extension to the current Head Office facility in Woodstock. Musica, one of the divisions, was operating from a building in Pinelands whilst other groups were in various buildings around Cape Town.

Trevor decided that it was time to put everyone under one roof and appointed an interior design firm to provide the design and space planning that would enthuse a change from their current ways of working.

It was decided that Clicks would go the open plan route, but unlike most installations they decided on bright and funky colours to bring some fun into the interior. After all, most of the employees were younger vibrant people, who needed to communicate and interact on a minute by minute basis. Putting people into separate boxes usually resulted in harmful communication breakdowns. They were now going to work as interactive teams and exchange ideas in an open plan environment.

All Office was chosen to supply the furniture and we were asked to make a prototype for evaluation purposes. Once involved with the project team, we were able to design the finer working details of the configurations to ensure that non-office furniture items could be accommodated in the workstations.

All Office provided solutions to specific requirements such as the power, data and voice cabling that had to be transferred from the ceiling to the various workstation clusters.

This was achieved simply and cost effectively by using wiring channels in the pedestals and credenzas as well as cable portholes and cable ducting fixed internally.

The worksurfaces were finished in folkstone grey with silver profiled edges and the roller doors used the wide silver slats from Rehau. The case goods were a bright salsa red and pugwash blue, a bold move and certainly a break from oak melamine. Clicks was a fun project to work on and one which All Office was excited to be involved in. It was a pleasure to install something fresh, innovative and vibrant


Hotline’s Head Office, a twenty year old landmark building on Empire Road Johannesburg, was to be revamped to meet the ever increasing needs of a growing company. According to Johan Groenewald of Paragon Interiors, installing a modern and versatile furniture system was the answer. The question was how to accommodate more staff, greater technology and modern tastes, without compromise.

All Office and Paragon Interiors designed a layout to replace the original desking, which would complement the newly revamped building and facilitate staffing requirements – namely Kaleidoscope.

The Kaleidoscope range with over 500 design options from 15 basic components offered a versatile and elegant working environment that Hotline was seeking. Regional Hotline offices in both Cape Town and Pretoria also chose Kaleidoscope allowing the company to have a standardised look nationally.

A space conscious footprint resulting in a more effective use of floor-space, allowed Hotline to accommodate many of its off-site divisions into the Empire Road building. This in turn, according to Hotline management, brought the divisions closer together mentally as well as physically.

Hotlines large call centre which is at the forefront of modern technology, needed a furniture solution that had to cater for a large workforce in a computer and telephone intensive environment.

The workstations needed to adapt to a growing and changing workplace as well as cater for their busy drive in centres. Kaleidoscope’s modular design allowed for flexibility and adaptability that Hotline required. Workstations can be customised to individual needs, allowing for workgroup interaction as well as individuality. Colourful, curved desk based screens were chosen to allow easy interaction amongst team members but providing privacy when needed.

The Facilities Team at Hotline said “Kaleidoscope was a sound choice. We now have a system that fits perfectly with our modern interior design requirements. Kaleidoscope also meets our rapidly expanding needs, allowing for an evolving office environment by providing options for expansion in the future”.


‘If we can’t attract the best talent, we can’t succeed as a company. We have to attract and keep great people.’ So said Gordon Frazer, Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa, when his company was declared ‘Best Company to Work for in 2004’ gaining first place overall as well as winning the IT sector.

In1992 Microsoft opened its first office in Johannesburg with four employees sharing one small room and a single telephone. Since then, this fast-growing subsidiary has ballooned to over 300 employees, supporting the whole of sub-Saharan Africa, and leading in 2004 to the need, for the second time to move offices to accommodate growth.

Says Gordon Frazer ‘We wanted an open plan environment that was conducive to co-operation and communication but still allowed people the space and privacy needed to do their own work.’ From a field of around 20 local and international suppliers, the workstation choice was whittled down to the Herman Miller Resolve system.

‘As a company on the leading edge of technology we wanted to ensure we created a work environment that takes advantage of the changes we see, such as flat panel displays and wireless networks’ says Frazer. ‘Resolve gave us this while offering the benefits of an adjustable and open system.’

Bill Helyar, the partner at Johannesburg based Paragon Interiors who led the fit- out project, designed the floors using two of the Resolve workstation clusters, positioning them precisely on the floor grid to allow for maximum flexibility. ‘It’s a clever plan’, comments Bernard Gotkin of All Office Equipment, Herman Miller’s South African dealership, ‘because it allows workstation clusters to grow – when a team enlarges for instance from 6 to 9 members – by the simple addition of a few components that join two existing clusters together.’

‘As a technology company we are acutely aware of the impact of ergonomics on productivity’ says Frazer and there was a deliberate decision by the management to ‘walk the talk’ as far as using technology to increase efficiency was concerned. The workstations accommodate 310 people over 4400m2 on two open-plan floors. Initially the scheme envisioned the directors in closed offices with traditional furniture, but during the course of the project the designers were called in and asked to replan the open plan area to include all the directors as well, using identical Resolve workstations with an extra screen for slight extra degree of enclosure. ‘They were an unusually well-informed client,’ says Bernard Gotkin, ‘and were aware of all the health issues surrounding workchairs.’ So although the initial intent was to re-use existing seating, following enthusiastic trials of the Mirra chair, Microsoft decided to use them throughout the facility. ‘Ergonomic design is important for more than productivity—how you type, point, and click can also affect your long-term health,’ says Gordon Frazer. ‘The Mirra chairs and Resolve workstations ensure that the contact points are as comfortable as possible.’ Microsoft ordered equal quantities of three different colours of Mirra chairs and together with the choice of three subtly different worksurface colours, there is a constantly and subtly changing colour palette that prevents monotony within the facility.

‘The Resolve system has certainly created a buzz in the office’ says Gordon Frazer. ‘People are finding it easier to work together, and the flexibility of the layout allows for teams to personalise their space without having to rearrange the floor plans.

Mortgage SA

Mortgage SA has experienced phenomenal growth since it was first established in 1999. Their existing premises in 50 on Long Street was unable to cope with the increase in personnel and this promoted Saul Geffen, M D of Mortgage SA, to look for new premises that would provide them with the correct location and facilities for the staff. 33 on Bree Street in Cape Town city centre was destined to become the new home for this rapidly expanding organisation.

Thinkspace, headed up by the M D, Trevor Shapiro, were appointed as the designers and project managers to provide an interior which would satisfy the needs of Mortgage SA with particular importance to the comfort and well being of the staff. Mortgage SA has strived for a paperless office as their business is driven by computer technology. Trevor said that this influenced the design process for the officefurniture. Rectilinear planning or “benching” provided them with the opportunity to comfortably accommodate their staff with projected expansion for the foreseeable future. In conjunction with All Office, prototypes were manufactured for comments by the Mortgage SA project team. Of particular importance was the cabling and network infrastructure, which was accommodated, in a reticulated screening system with integrated power poles.

The desking is simplistic with clean crisp lines. White worksurfaces with light grey case goods, opaque Plexiglass side screens and the Citron colour Mirra chair provides a well-balanced feel to the interior. The Herman Miller Mirra chair was selected to provide the ultimate in comfort and ergonomic excellence. Senior management and directors were supplied with the new Herman Miller Abak Environments desking range. With strong horizontals, versatile shapes and minimal aesthetics, Abak Environments creates new opportunities for interiors. Refined detailing in the way components meet and materials blend gives Abak Environments its slender profile. The clean, crisp look and purposeful visual elegance of Abak Environments allow the architecture of a space to take precedence. All Office has been supplying Mortgage SA country wide for the last two years and is particularly proud to be associated with their new head office.


Oracle, a global leader in enterprise software relocated their head office to Woodmead Office Park, their objective was to achieve clean, refreshing aesthetics throughout the interior.

All Office as a Herman Miller dealer supplied Oracle with Abak Environments desking range, which met Oracle’s unique requirements, a desking system with strong horizontal lines and a slender profile while still providing a versatile rectilinear or “benching” system. Oracle opted for worksurfaces finished in white and managerial desks in walnut, achieving a striking contrast in colour.
Performance walls incorporated a rich palette of colours.

Oracle needed a ergonomic long lasting chair, which they found in the Celle chair from Herman Miller – which offers a ergonomically designed chair with its defining Cellular suspension

For side chairs they chose the Herman Miller Caper chair – co-ordinating design, flexible and light weight.


Heinz head office in Paarl was loooking for a corporate look to match their global headquarters in Michigan USA. All Office suggested using the Corporate Collection OE range and after providing 3D renders on possible layouts, Heinz were satisfied that the OE range was aesthetically pleasing while at the same time functional.

They now required a modern stylish ergonomic chair which lead them to the Arizona.

In adition, All Office provided Balance meeting tables and the Cube soft seating for visitors areas.

All Office is is proud to have been associated with this project, and look forward to supplying them with all there office furniture needs.


Sasol, an international leader in chemicals and energy, relocated their head office. Their objective was to create a beautiful open plan working environment that reflects their working standards and principles.

All Office provided Layout Studio for all workstations, allowing for integrated cable and data management. Along with the Flo Monitor Arms and Formwork desktop storage helped maximize worktop space while still being aesthetically pleasing.

Posh storage was used for all storage solutions. The use of the planter boxes allowed a touch of greenery to be brought into the offices.

The Aeron Chair was provided for seating throughout the building and the Setu and Sayl chairs were provided as meeting room and guest seating.

Absa Alice Lane – Sandton

ABSA Alice Lane, a South African leader in banking and investment, opened in Sandton, Johannesburg. Their objective was to follow Barclays Capital’s global design standard and build an interior environment that reflects international banking standards and structures.

All Office provided the OE desking range from our Corporate Collection and the world famous Aeron chair was used as operator seating throughout the building.

British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco needed a solution for their new distribution centers country wide and had a global standard that we had to comply to . Our Simplicity range fit their global standard and we rolled out over 15 new distributions centers throughout South Africa including their Center of Excellence in JHB.

Absa Capital – Sandton

ABSA Capital, a South African leader in banking and investment, relocated their head office to Sandton, Johannesburg. Their objective was to follow Barclays Capital’s global design standard and build an interior environment that reflects international banking standards and structures.

All Office provided the Abak Environments Performance Wall and Meridian storage which offered a full storage, desk and screen solution, allowing for integrated cable and data management. A combination of white, walnut and silver finishes provides a modern, aesthetic to the interior space. The Aeron Chair was provided for seating throughout the building and the Eames Aluminium Group Chairs were provided as client suite seating.

Chester House – Durbanville

Chester House situated in Durbanville is part of the Reddam House Family, they celebrate the individuality of each child and offer the Cambridge curriculum in both the Prep School and the College.

As a school they needed sturdy yet fun furniture, All Office was pleased to be be able to provide a solution and be involved in the setting up of the school.

ABSA – Century City

Product Descriptions

Back to back Linear desking with an elegant white frame with worktops finished in White, Folkstone Grey and Walnut.

Various meeting tables ranging from a 6-seater rectangular to the interesting 6 seater Hexagonal were chosen for the installation. The tops were in Walnut, Folkstone Grey and white, all with the elegant Element leg.

Amazon – CPT12

Product Descriptions

Flexiline 3-way Workstations white tops and anthracite frames. The screens were chosen in a variety of vibrant colours.

The Cassie chair with its ergonomical design was used for all the Workstations.

Flex Flip top meeting tables were used.

Individual Lockers were chosen with Anthracite doors.

ABSA – Lower Long

Product Descriptions

Back to back Linear desking with an elegant white frame, management desking with a credenza for additional storage.

Various meeting tables ranging from 6-seater to a 20 seater. The finishes were varied, all with the elegant Element leg.


Product Description

Flexiline linear desking with an elegant white frame and Folkstone Grey tops with Pinie Stratos edging. Fabric frameless screens in alternating colours help provide a fresh and interesting look.

The Motion chair was supplied around the workstations to help provide optimum back support and balance with its self-adjusting mechanism and sliding seat.

Soft Seating
A custom privacy booth was developed just for this project. This incorporated stylish design elements into it to keep it aesthetically pleasing and functional.

A variety of storage solutions were used for KPMG, including steel lockers with custom door fronts and melamine hinge door cupboards at the end of workstations.