Small Office? No Problem! Choose Furniture That Saves Space and Optimises Functionality

Furniture That Saves Space

Furniture That Saves Space:

Whether you work from home in an office that doubles as your kitchen or your broom cupboard, or your commercial office space is becoming too cramped for your expanding business needs, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are ways to make a small office space work for you.

The Best Furniture Options and Designs for Small Offices

Corner desks

A corner desk is usually triangular and fits into a corner or nook with a diagonal facing edge to sit at. These designs can help maximise space in any room. They also have the added benefit of offering more space than a standard desk of similar proportions. There is no wasted space behind the computer monitor and there is often more space to the left and right sides of the keyboard and arms. Some corner desks are designed with ergonomic features in mind to reduce physical strain and improve productivity. Most corner desks offer space-saving features such as overhead shelving and storage units, retractable filing cabinets, discrete holes for data connections, and pull-out keyboard trays.

Multipurpose Desks

Multipurpose Desks come in all shapes and sizes, and some are better suited for space-saving than others. Many compact desks, including corner desks like above, can fit into small spaces without compromising floor or wall space. Consider a wheeled desk that can be easily moved or stored according to your needs. Desks with unconventional shapes or styles could also help in saving office space. Wraparound desks can utilise wall space while minimising floor space, as can floating desks. Modular desks offer more storage space for their volume than regular desks.

Printer Carts

If you have limited space for a printer, scanner, or other large pieces of office tech, a printer cart can be beneficial. Carts can hold heavy hardware like printers or scanners, clearing space from your desk or shelving surfaces.  Wheeled carts can also be tucked out of sight when not in use, or move around the room to better reach power outlets or connecting devices if necessary.  Choose a printer cart or build your own custom design that also offers built-in shelving units to hold extra computer paper and other office supplies.

Versatile shelving

Multi-purpose shelves provide ample vertical storage and make use of space that would typically go unused. Use this extra shelving to store office supplies, books, or display your office decor. If your office ceilings are high, why not install shelving all the way up? Make sure to store old archives or the least used materials or documents in the higher and harder-to-reach areas for practicality.

Modular storage

Filing cabinets designed for smaller spaces are a great addition to any office that needs to store paperwork. Because they can be pushed under desks or into closets, or simply act as side tables, small filing cabinets can be a versatile storage solution. Wheeled filing cabinets can be even more convenient for those who value portable storage.

How to make small office furniture work for you

Think outside the box

We tend to think of offices as a room or cubicle with four walls, but there is no rule that says that is how an office has to work. Look for additional spaces to use, such as alcoves or bay windows, underneath stairways, or wasted space in large landings, hallways or reception areas. You can tuck a small desk or filing cabinet into these extra nooks and crannies, or divide a large room into two to better use all the available space. Make use of different coloured paint or wallpaper, rugs or furniture to separate spaces in a room and demarcate them. Bookshelves make excellent room dividers that are still functional and save on space.

Avoid bulk and unnecessity

A decision will need to be made whether a modular desk with plenty of drawers and storage space will save space by reducing the need for other storage furniture, or will take up too much space by reducing leg room and floor space. A slimline desk with minimalistic design, for example, has the advantage of not only saving space in its small proportions, but also makes an area look and feel lighter and more spacious too. Depending on your space requirements, make sure to opt for the most practical and space-efficient furniture, and avoid unnecessary features at all costs.

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Furniture That Saves Space 

Furniture That Saves Space

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