Peace at the Office: is Background Noise Healthy?

Background noise is and always will be a bone of contention simply because ‘noise’ means different things to different people. Some research will reveal that background noise at the office is distracting and leads to decreased productivity, while other research claims that background noise can improve concentration and productivity. There is no right or wrong unfortunately simply because each working environment is unique and people perceive noise differently. The best thing to do is to [...]

Trending Colours for Your Spring Office Make-over

One of the best ways to prepare for a new season is to plan an office make-over. For businesses, the start of Spring often coincides with a new project or venture, and an office or brand redesign can wonderfully reflect a fresh new direction. An office make-over doesn’t need to include a complete overhaul – a simple change in colour can provide a great different to an office while remaining relatively low budget. Choose to [...]

Top Tips for Boardroom Furniture

Although it may not be in daily use, the boardroom is one of the most important and powerful spaces in the office. Board members, VIP clients and new potential clients are usually hosted in the boardroom, as well as many internal company affairs such as annual general meetings. As such, the company boardroom should reflect professionalism and competence, as well as the company brand image. With a well-designed and accommodating boardroom, a company can deliver [...]

Eat Well, Work Well: How Your Office Lunchroom Can Affect Productivity

Most offices have a lunchroom. Whether it’s a dedicated cafeteria or just a small corner at the back with a microwave and kettle, more companies are recognising the benefits of providing lunchroom facilities for their employees. Food for thought: 5 reasons to include a lunchroom in the office An office lunchroom can improve work productivity and make lunch times more efficient in several ways. Convenience One of the strongest arguments for including a lunchroom at [...]

Use These Tips for an Impressive Office Reception Area

Your office reception area is a place for first impressions. It is usually the first space your clients and guests experience when visiting your business, and thus sets the tone for the rest of their visit. Make sure that it is a warm and inviting space that puts your office in the best light. Here are our top 5 tips for an impressive and welcoming office reception area. Colour and lighting Colours and lighting go [...]

Refine Your Office Filing System – Here’s How

Office filing can be a nightmare. Whether it’s on paper or digitally stored, keeping track of every item and every category quickly gets tiring and confusing. Efficient filing is not difficult, but it does require a certain amount of effort and maintenance, especially when first starting out. It quickly becomes a habit though, and once it does, your work life becomes so much more convenient. Here are some easy guidelines to help you regain control [...]

Design your Office to make Teamwork Easier

Considering that the average person will spend over one-third of their life at the office, working in a comfortable environment is essential. And that’s not only for the benefit of employees but employers as well. Stressed, fatigued and uncomfortable employees are not productive employees, and unproductive employees lead to an unstable bottom line. Business success and profits need to be stable and reasonably predictable for accurate planning, forecasting and budget control. But too many business [...]

Desk Accessories: Top 10 Items Every Office Desk Needs

Whether you prefer working at a neatly organised and minimalist desk or amidst a creative clutter, there are some items every office desk can benefit from. Besides the basics of a laptop or computer and pen and paper, here are our top picks for useful and enjoyable desk accessories. Monitor stand Most office workers don’t realise that their computer monitors or laptop screens are at the wrong height. The top of the screen should be [...]