Make First Impressions Count With Our Reception Furniture

Make First Impressions Count

Make First Impressions Count With Our Reception Furniture:

First impressions are formed within seconds of meeting a new person. The same can be said about your business. What a customer sees when they walk through your doors is the lasting impression of your business they will form. It literally takes seconds. Customers will have formed an impression long before they’ve even realised what they’re looking at.

Businesses are often led to believe that the price, the speed and convenience of the service they are offering are of utmost importance. But what about first impressions? When we meet people for the first time, we make quick decisions about them based on their eye contact, appearance, handshake, and verbal and nonverbal cues. The same is true for your business. New clients decide quickly whether they want to do business with your company, and it begins the moment they walk through the door on their very first day.

Why it is Important

Your business’ reception area should give those visiting your company a positive first impression, as well as send the right message about your company. The reception area is also likely the area that your employees walk through to get to their respective work areas. A carefully planned reception area will play a role in setting the tone for their workday.

How to Start

How your reception area is set up plays a role in creating the impression you want represented. Items such as the furniture, artwork and the flooring should be considered so that they project the right image. The seating needs to be considered: how much is appropriate, the type of seating. Artwork will be another consideration; both the type and how many pieces displayed. If your clients are likely to be sitting in the reception area for a length of time, consider comfortable seating, as well as something visually interesting to look at. Understanding how your reception space will be used is an important aspect in the layout of the area.

Six Things a Reception Area Could and Should Include:

  • A suitably planned layout: it should be uncluttered, with seating and other furniture spaced so that visitors aren’t crowded. The reception desk should be positioned to face the front door, but at a suitable distance away so that it doesn’t act as a barrier to the space.
  • Stylish and comfortable furniture: both the furniture and the artwork should reflect the overall style and colour scheme of the rest of the office. The reception desk is the centrepiece. There should be sufficient seating for the number of guests your business may receive at any given time.
  • Your company branding: you could use the reception area to reflect your company’s brand. If your company’s logo is not notably displayed, think about using aspects of the logo or similar colours in the space.
  • Positive atmosphere: regardless of whether your reception area welcomes new clients, returning clients, or employees, it should look professional and welcoming.
  • Durability: both the furnishings and flooring should be durable to withstand frequent use.
  • Functional: the furniture placed in the reception area should be appropriate for the type of business and the clients visiting. Ensure that the lighting isn’t harsh but is bright enough for your guests to read or complete paperwork.

At All Office, we specialise in offering our clients a broad range of furniture, including reception area furniture. We also specialise in designing complete office systems for your specific needs. Remaining in step with changes in our marketplace, we deliver only the very best in quality and stand firm behind our five-year warrantee on every purchase made.

Have a look at our superb reception furniture. For a good first impression, consider the Impressions range. Or why not have a look at the stylish and modern Linear reception desk which combines functionality with minimalist design.

Seating plays an important role in the reception area. Your clients or customers should feel comfortable while they wait. You can achieve both comfort and style with our reception area seating. From Chicago, Vida to Array, all our reception seating is designed with the client in mind. With a comprehensive range of seating styles, as well as incorporating a wide variety of colour fabrics, this works hand in hand to create a good impression.

Planning a reception area takes both time and thought. It isn’t a room hastily put together with any old furniture from storage. Speak to our friendly consultants at All Office for assistance with stunning reception area furniture that will make a difference and create the right impression. 

Make First Impressions Count With Our Reception Furniture

Make First Impressions Count With Our Reception Furniture

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