Office Relocation and Installation South Africa

Experience a seamless transition to your new location with All Office’s professional office relocation services, available across South Africa.

Our well-trained and certified office movers specialise in the careful handling and transportation of office furniture and equipment, ensuring every piece arrives intact.

We pride ourselves on providing a service that reflects our extensive experience in moving and packing, guaranteeing our clients a smooth and efficient move.

Count on us to oversee every detail of your office relocation. We handle the meticulous transfer of IT equipment, ensure the secure transportation of sensitive documents, and expertly coordinate internal and external moves, all to provide you with a complete relocation solution.

Ready for a hassle-free office move? Contact All Office today to get a personalised quote and experience our expert relocation services firsthand. Let us make your transition a success.

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nationwide relocation

Nationwide Relocation

Packaging & secure transportation across South Africa

precision installation

Precision Installation

Professionally trained staff for furniture assembly

Internal & External Relocations

Seamless office relocations, both on-site and off-site

Confidentiality Assured

Secure & discreet transport of sensitive documents

Explore All Office’s Complete Range of Office Relocation Services

Expertise in Office Installations

At All Office, our certified office moving specialists excel in the art of office furniture and equipment installations, managing even the most complex setups with unwavering precision. We skillfully disassemble, transport, and reassemble your office furniture, ensuring each phase is executed with efficiency and accuracy.

Our attention to detail in every aspect of the installation process distinguishes our service, ensuring an exceptional experience that adheres to the strictest professional standards.

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Nationwide Office Relocations

Our team stands ready to support your nationwide office relocations, from Joburg to Cape Town and beyond.

Whether it’s quickly moving and setting up office furniture or transitioning your entire operation across the country, we’re your trusted partner. 

Our comprehensive services ensure that your new workspace is operational from day one, with every piece of furniture and equipment carefully placed and installed by our expert team. Choose All Office for a seamless relocation.

Internal and External Office Moves

All Office provides tailored solutions for internal office moves, ensuring minimal disruption within your current space.

For off-site moves, our relocation management is unmatched. We coordinate all logistics, ensuring secure transport of your assets and precise setup at your new site.

Whether you’re moving office on-site or relocating to a new external location, our strategic approach ensures a seamless transition.

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Pre-Move Office Relocation Survey

Before the first box is packed, our team conducts a thorough pre-move survey, assessing your office furniture and premises with close attention to detail.

This step is crucial for customised and complex relocation planning, ensuring that every aspect of your move is tailored to fit your unique needs.

Our methodical approach paves the way for a relocation experience that is as efficient as it is stress-free.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

All Office champions sustainability by utilising environmentally friendly packaging materials designed to reduce waste.

Our sustainable solutions include recyclable and biodegradable packing materials and reusable containers, reflecting our unwavering commitment to a greener planet.

Choose our sustainable packaging options for an office relocation that aligns with sustainable practices.

Safeguarding Your Confidential Documents

All Office prioritises the security of your sensitive information.

Our specialised packaging safeguards sensitive documents during transit, ensuring the integrity of every file.

Trust in our secure containers and protocols to keep your documents safe, maintaining discretion from departure to arrival.

Your confidential files are in reliable hands with All Office.

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Planning Your Office Move with All Office

Fully plan and coordinate your next office move with All Office.

Our methodical coordination ensures every step is accounted for, significantly minimising downtime so your business can continue operating smoothly.

For more insights, explore our blog post, “A Risk Management Guide for Moving Office Furniture,” and discover strategies to protect your assets and coordinate your team during a move.

Ready for expert advice? Contact our team today to streamline your office relocation.

Why Choose All Office?

All Office, established in 1978, has become synonymous with the supply of ergonomically designed office furniture and relocation services.

We pride ourselves on our long-standing tradition of not only meeting but exceeding customers’ expectations by delivering the very best in quality.

We ensure that every individual customer’s needs are catered for, maintaining high service and product quality, prompt delivery, after-sales service, professional expertise, and advice.

Our client portfolio speaks for itself and is full of growing and established businesses, including blue-chip companies such as ABSA Bank, KPMG, Microsoft, Cadbury, Clicks, Sasol, British American Tobacco (BAT), and Oracle– to name a few.

Leveraging a vast logistic network and the experience of our dedicated team, we ensure the prompt and safe relocation of office accessories and office furniture throughout South Africa.

Order a range of office furniture online in South Africa

Upgrade your office space with our diverse range of office furniture, perfect for any relocation or redesign.

Discover the perfect blend of form and function with our collection, from sleek ergonomic chairs and spacious desks to modular storage solutions. Each piece is crafted to enhance productivity and comfort in your new space.

Order high-quality office furniture from All Office, and enjoy efficient, door-to-door delivery throughout South Africa.

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Find additional office furniture online

Complete your perfect workspace with All Office, South Africa’s premier destination for quality office furniture. Since 1978, we’ve been elevating work environments with our extensive selection of executive chairs, office desks, and smart storage solutions.

Whether you’re revamping a busy corporate office or setting up a streamlined home workspace, our commitment lies in providing you with personalised guidance and premium products.

Dive into the All Office range and feel free to reach out to our dedicated team for advice tailored to your needs.

What Our Customers Say

Matt Miszczak

Matt Miszczak

The product itself is 5 stars, but what really made me happy with this company was the customer service. When placing the order (before checkout) I was advised that the item was out of stock so I would need to wait but they gave me an expected delivery date. Closer to the date they kept me informed about delays with customs (as is standard in SA I feel) and even followed my unique special delivery instructions. Everyone I dealt with was exceptionally great! :)

Nick James

Lynn’s service was exceptional! I ordered a chair online and was called within the hour to be informed that they were waiting for stock. I was offered a temporary chair which was delivered the same day. I have been constantly updated throughout this process and Lynn is an asset to your business. Thank you. The best service I have received in ages.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Office Relocations

What is an office relocation?

An office relocation is the process of moving an office’s contents, including furniture, equipment, and documents, from one location to another. It involves careful planning, packing, transportation, and setup at the new location, often managed by specialised moving services to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to business operations.

An office relocation service is a specialised service offered by companies like All Office, which manages the logistics of moving an office from one location to another. This includes packing, transporting, and setting up office furniture and equipment, ensuring a smooth transition to the new space with minimal disruption.

Managing and planning an office relocation begins with a detailed survey to assess your furniture and premises, followed by a customised moving plan that ensures efficiency and minimises business downtime. Coordination with a professional moving team like All Office will cover every aspect, from packing to reassembly in the new location. Read our blog post, “A Risk Management Guide for Moving Office Furniture,” for more insights.

Key considerations for an office relocation include:

  • Detailed Inventory: Conducting a comprehensive assessment of all items to be moved, including furniture, IT equipment, and confidential documents.
  • Logistics Planning: Deciding on timelines, managing internal and external move logistics, and coordinating the disassembly and reassembly of office setups.
  • Staff Management and Safety: Ensuring clear communication with employees about the move, managing their relocation needs, and ensuring safety protocols are in place during the move.
  • Secure Data Handling: Implementing measures for the safe transport of sensitive and confidential information.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Choosing environmentally responsible packaging solutions to minimise waste.
  • Minimal Business Disruption: Strategizing to reduce downtime and maintain operational continuity during the move.

Expertise and Reliability: Selecting a proficient relocation service like All Office that guarantees efficiency, security, and a smooth transition to the new location.