Rental Office furniture

Why Rent?

Much like taking out a bond on a house, financing a car or having a cell phone contract, rental furniture allows you to rent the furniture you need for your business without having to pay the full amount upfront in one lump sum. This frees up your cash flow to use in other areas of your business like marketing, salaries or buying inventory. As your business needs expand you can add to the furniture you already have as you need it.

Rental Furniture

No Large Capital Expenditure Upfront

It won’t affect existing credit arrangements you already have in place with other institutions.

Rental Finance

Rent to Own

At the end of your term you can take ownership of the furniture with one final payment. This means you get all the tax and cashflow benefits and can retain the furniture if you choose to.

Rental Finance

Stay Current

You can update your company’s look to keep up with industry trends when renewing your contract.

Your Furniture, Your Terms

We offer multiple payment plans to suit the current state of your business. Choose which term length will suit your business. Longer terms will have lower monthly costs. Shorter terms will allow you to upgrade your furniture more often and keep up with design trends. You can get a quote on rental furniture for amounts as low as R50 000!

Rental Finance

Tax Benefits

Monthly instalments are fully tax deductible. The furniture agreement can be listed as an operating expense and the furniture will be kept off your balance sheet and won’t reflect as a depreciating asset.

Rental Finance

No Hidden Costs

No hidden terms and conditions. Your payments won’t fluctuate and your contract won’t extend passed the agreed upon terms.

Rental Finance

Trouble Free

We take care of the delivery and installation of your furniture as well as removal of the furniture at the end of your term if you choose not to keep it. This frees you from having to make arrangements with multiple companies. If your needs change, you can add any additional furniture to the agreement and the monthly cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Need to Know More or Want a Quote?

Contact us and we will take you through the process of getting your new furniture!

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Terms & Conditions

Costing can include implementation etc. | Rentals quoted exclude VAT | Rentals are linked to current prime interest rate | Calculations are done in advance taking current costing factors (including risk) into consideration and are subject to change | Quoted rental payments exclude insurance and proof of insurance required. Insurance is available. | A documentation fee is payable with the first rental of all discounted transactions. | Rentals including a settlement / trade-in / second hand or refurbished equipment need be disclosed and require written approval.