Memory Foam Foot Rest

Comfortable, posture- and
circulatory-improving foot support

So you can sit in any chair for extended periods with a more correct posture
that improves circulation and provides relief from leg, buttock and back discomfort.

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Memory Foam Foot Rest

Revolutionise Your Comfort at Work

Prolonged sitting both causes — and aggravates — chronic leg, back, hip and buttock pain, and sciatica. What often triggers the situation is a poor leg position caused by the lack of a proper footrest.

Enter a breakthrough in posture support — the Memory Foam Foot Rest.

The precision-shaped teardrop design helps position your feet, ankles, and legs in the perfect alignment, encouraging you to sit further back in your chair, engage your core, and keep your spine straight. The effect is to elevate your feet to increase lower-body circulation, preventing issues like tingling, numbness, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis.

Premium-grade memory foam draws on your natural body heat to shape itself to assist with positioning for maximum seated comfort.

And the non-slip cover ensures the foot-rest stays firmly in place, so you can maintain proper seated posture for long periods and avoid inadvertent twisting into unnatural postures.

Alternatively, flip it over to use as a gentle foot rocker You can even position it under your knees in bed to improve your sleeping posture.

The Memory Foam Foot Rest is ideal for general back support, post-surgery recovery, fighting back pain and poor posture correction.

Purchase yours today and say goodbye to chronic pain from sitting for good.

  • Material Pure Memory Foam
  • Weight 500 grams
  • Length 43cm
  • Width 25cm
  • Height 12cm
foot rest dimensions

The Memory Foam Foot Rest
makes it easier to sit all day

Memory foam technology

100% premium memory foam that consistently returns to original shape.


Ergonomic teardrop design

Precision-shaped to maintain proper alignment of feet, ankles and legs, and reduce twisting that can cause discomfort and long-term chronic pain.


Heat-responsive contouring

Moulds to your feet for exceptionally sure support that takes the pressure off your feet, legs and back.


Simple to use

You place it under your chair and rest feet on it — it really is that simple.


Lightweight and multipurpose.

Use at the office, or at home; it can even be used as a footrocker, or as a knee support in bed.


Non-slip, washable cover

Won’t slip on the chair/seat, and can be removed for machine washing.

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Quality guaranteed

We back our quality with a two-year warranty against faulty workmanship and defects.

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Common questions people ask about the Memory Foam Foot Rest

If you suffer from back, hip, or tailbone pain, the Memory Foam Foot Rest can help. The design promotes better sitting posture, helps to keep your feet, ankles and legs correctly aligned to provide better seated comfort.

It’s quite compact and portable at just 43cm x 25cm x 12cm (and only 500 grams). That means you can take it just about anywhere and use it both at work, and at home.

The Memory Foam Foot Rest has a grippy base to stop it sliding around that means it can be used on carpet, tiles, vinyl and wood floors.

The Memory Foam Foot Rest is made of 100% premium-quality, high-density memory foam so you can be assured of effective foot support and that it will return to its original shape every time.

The Memory Foam Foot Rest uses advanced heat-responsive viscoelastic technology. Because it’s temperature sensitive, when you place your feet on it becomes softer, moulding perfectly to the impression of your feet. Your body heat does all the work! Then when you get up, it gradually returns to its original shape.

The Memory Foam Foot Rest has a cover that can be unzipped and removed. This is machine-washable. The foot rest itself should not be washed or immersed in water.

Even if you’re unable to take off your shoes because of workplace rules or culture, the Memory Foam Foot Rest will still provide effective foot support.

We back the quality of our products with a two-year warranty against faulty workmanship and defects.