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Key considerations for choosing the perfect desk

Finding the right desk sets the foundation for your workspace, creating the ideal environment for productivity. 

Choose a desk that matches your workflow, environment, and ergonomic needs. It should offer the right height for optimal comfort, durable construction for longevity, and a design that enhances your space.

Benefits of purchasing a premium desk

Purchasing a high-quality desk offers significant advantages, enhancing productivity and concentration, while improving ergonomics to reduce physical strain during long work hours.

These desks ensure reliable support for various equipment, promoting a more organised and efficient workspace. 

Read our blog on how to ease chronic back pain with ergonomic desks and chairs to explore the extensive range of ergonomic benefits.

Why Choose All Office?

Established in 1978, All Office has become synonymous with the supply of ergonomically designed office furniture.

We pride ourselves on our long-standing tradition of not only meeting but exceeding customers’ expectations by delivering the very best in quality.

We ensure that every individual customer’s needs are catered for, maintaining high service and product quality, prompt delivery, after-sales service, professional expertise, and advice.

Our client portfolio speaks for itself and is full of growing and established businesses, including blue-chip companies such as ABSA Bank, KPMG, Microsoft, Cadbury, Clicks, Sasol, British American Tobacco (BAT), and Oracle– to name a few.

We work with an extensive network of distributors enabling us to deliver your desks and other office furniture across South Africa.

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Explore our extensive collection of top-selling desks, meticulously curated to meet a variety of needs—from Office Desks and Study Desks to Reception Desks, Small Desks, and Home Office Desks.

Each desk in our collection is crafted from high-quality materials by leading brands, ensuring both durability and style. Whether you’re upgrading your home office or outfitting a commercial space, you’ll find the perfect desk to suit your needs in our range.

Order the perfect desk from All Office for reliable, door-to-door delivery across South Africa.

Buy Office Desks Online

Transform your workspace with desks that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. 

Our range of office desks includes manager’s desks and system desks, tailored for modern open-plan settings and designed to support workflow, ergonomic comfort, and collaborative efficiency. These desks are crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and sophistication.

Explore our comprehensive collection online to discover the ideal solution for your office environment.

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Buy Study Desks Online

Enhance your home office or study area with our elegantly minimalist study desks.

Our collection includes the Loop Home Office Desk and Flexiline Home Desk, available in various sizes and colours. Crafted from premium materials to ensure style and durability, our range is designed to complement ergonomic chairs and stylish decor, optimising both functionality and aesthetics.

Shop our selection of high-quality study desks online!

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Buy Reception Desks Online

Explore our comprehensive range of reception desks, designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any workspace.

Available in a variety of colours and fabrics, these desks offer ample room for computers, filing systems, and daily operations. Each desk features two working levels to efficiently accommodate the needs of staff and visitors.

Complete your reception area with matching high-quality office chairs and a range of storage solutions.

Shop our selection of reception desks online today!

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Buy Small Desks Online

Explore our selection of small studio desks, meticulously designed for ergonomics and practicality to enhance any small workspace.

Our Studio Home Office Desks exemplify affordable quality and are backed by a robust five-year guarantee. They arrive ready for easy assembly, allowing you to set up quickly and efficiently.

With free delivery to major cities, it has never been easier to upgrade your workspace. Shop now and experience the perfect combination of style and function.

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Buy Home Office Desks Online

Enhance your home office with our diverse range of desks, including Elite home desks, Flexiline home desks, and electric adjustable height standing desks.

Whether you need a fixed-height studio desk or a flexible standing desk that adjusts to your ergonomic needs, our collection caters to various workstyles and preferences.

Shop now to find the perfect desk that combines functionality with style for your home workspace.

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Find additional office furniture online

Find additional office furniture online to complete your ideal workspace.

Our extensive selection includes everything from ergonomic office chairs and home office desks to stylish couches, coffee tables, and more, all crafted to enhance your working environment.

As a leading supplier in South Africa since 1978, we leverage our expertise to provide a diverse range of high-quality office furnishings for both business and home settings.

Explore All Office and reach out to our friendly team for any enquiries.

What Our Customers Say

Matt Miszczak

Matt Miszczak

The product itself is 5 stars, but what really made me happy with this company was the customer service. When placing the order (before checkout) I was advised that the item was out of stock so I would need to wait but they gave me an expected delivery date. Closer to the date they kept me informed about delays with customs (as is standard in SA I feel) and even followed my unique special delivery instructions. Everyone I dealt with was exceptionally great! :)

Nick James

Lynn’s service was exceptional! I ordered a chair online and was called within the hour to be informed that they were waiting for stock. I was offered a temporary chair which was delivered the same day. I have been constantly updated throughout this process and Lynn is an asset to your business. Thank you. The best service I have received in ages.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Desks

How important is a good desk?

A good desk is crucial for both comfort and productivity. It supports proper posture, reduces the risk of musculoskeletal issues, and enhances focus. With the right desk, you can ensure that your workspace is both functional and conducive to long periods of work, thereby improving efficiency and reducing physical strain

Choosing a desk that fits your space and meets your ergonomic needs is fundamental to creating a healthy and productive work environment. Shop All Office to find the perfect desk for your needs.

A well-made desk should last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, depending on the material quality and frequency of use. Desks crafted from high-quality materials like solid wood, oak or metal can often exceed this range, offering durability for 10 years or more with proper care. 

Regular maintenance and gentle use can extend the life of a desk, making it a long-term investment for any workspace.

Typically, you should consider replacing your desk every 5 to 10 years. The lifespan depends on the material quality, daily usage, and maintenance.

However, if you notice signs of wear such as instability, difficulty in adjusting parts, or significant aesthetic damage, it might be time for an earlier replacement. Upgrading your desk can also be necessary if your work needs change, like requiring more space or better ergonomics.

Shop All Office to find a suitable replacement for your desk today.

Both standing and sitting at a desk have their benefits, but the key is variety.

Standing desks can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease by promoting movement. However, prolonged standing can lead to discomfort and fatigue. Sitting allows for rest but can cause issues like poor posture and decreased circulation if overdone.

The best approach is to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day to balance comfort and health benefits.

For high-quality desks in South Africa, All Office is your go-to online destination.

Established in 1978, All Office offers a wide range of ergonomic and stylish desks for various needs, from home offices to large corporate environments.

Enjoy features like free door-to-door delivery, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and flexible payment options with PayJustNow. Plus, benefit from expert advice and after-sales service.

Shop at All Office for reliable and top-notch office furniture solutions.