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Whether you’re looking for a modern, sleek design or something more classic and traditional, we have storage solutions for every taste and budget backed by reviews from happy customers across South Africa. 

From bookcases to filing cabinets and wall  units, our storage solutions offer plenty of storage options so you can keep your space organised and clutter-free. 

Order the ideal storage solution online from All Office that can bring organisation and style into any room, with door-to-door delivery across South Africa. 

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Considerations for choosing the storage solution

When it comes to storage solutions, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.

The size of the storage solution should be determined by the amount of items you plan on storing in it. If you have limited floor space, modular storage or stacked bookcases may be your best option since they can save space while still providing plenty of storage options and are easy to move around.

Also consider what type of material you’d prefer. Wooden storage solutions provide an elegant and timeless look while metal storage solutions offer a more modern and contemporary style.

Storage solutions such as cabinets and lockers are affordable, and its maintenance-free nature means you can also save a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, make sure your storage system is provided with a locking system to prevent theft.

Our storage solutions are designed to add style and functionality to any space, giving you the perfect place to store your belongings and enhance the overall appearance of your home or office.

Benefits of purchasing storage solutions

Storage solutions can provide many great benefits for your home or office. Not only do they add style and function to any room, but storage solutions also provide much-needed extra storage space in a small or crowded area.

Filing cabinets make it easy to access important items such as documents and supplies.

Lockers provide a safe and secure way to store away important and private documents and items.

Whether you’re looking for extra shelving to store books or cabinets to hold electronics, storage solutions are perfect for freeing up space.

Why Choose All Office?

All Office was established in 1978 and has become synonymous with the supply of ergonomically-designed office furniture. 

We pride ourselves on our long-standing tradition of not only meeting but exceeding customers’ expectations by delivering the very best in quality. 

We ensure that every individual customer’s needs are catered for, maintaining high product quality, prompt delivery, after-sales service, professional expertise and advice. We also stand behind our five-year guarantee on every purchase.

We cater to every customer’s needs, maintaining high product quality to prompt delivery, after-sales service, professional expertise and advice. 

Our client portfolio speaks is full of growing and established businesses, including blue-chip companies such as ABSA Bank, Barclays, Microsoft, Cadbury, Clicks, Coca-Cola, Seeff, Nedbank, Shoprite, Sasol, Truworths, Distell and De Beers – to name a few.

Working with an extensive network of distributors in Africa, we are able to deliver coffee tables and high-quality office furniture across South Africa.


Bookshelf Wall Unit for office or studio use

Shop best sellers from our storage solutions range

Explore our best sellers in our storage solutions range. Discover our most popular wood and metal storage cabinets and bookcases designed using premium materials including oak, maple and steel to support heavy items such as TV Units, computers or even gaming consoles!. 

Order the ideal storage solution to match your business or home office. 

Buy Storage Solutions Online in South Africa

Make the most of your space with storage solutions that offer a combination of modern functionality and long-term durability. Organise documents, free up clutter and make efficient use of any living or work area – all in one!

Transform your home or office with our incomparable selection of modern storage solutions, crafted from wood, metal and modular designs to accommodate the unique size and style preferences in any environment. 

Complete your home or office with additional space-saving furniture items such as highly popular stack desks, our stylish and functional swirl coffee table, modular couches and ottomans

Order the best storage solutions online from All Office, with door-to-door delivery across South Africa.

Buy Premium Bookcases Online in South Africa

Invest in elegance and functionality with a premium bookcase, perfect for creating an inviting environment. When carefully maintained, these bookcases boast longevity; they may even become treasured family heirlooms passed down through the generations.

Our range of bookcases are designed using premium materials and paired with durable metal frames to support the surfaces while maintaining style. Bookcases are ideal for saving space, clearing clutter, displaying frequently used and decorative items, additional storage and more. 

Our bookcases are available as modular units or stacked bookcases to fit the size requirements of your space. Pair your new bookcase with multipurpose server units, coffee tables or modular couches and ottomans to keep guests comfortable. If you’re planning to place your bookcase in your own workspace, consider pairing it with ergonomic chairs and premium desks for business and home offices. 

Order premium bookcases online from All Office, with door-to-door delivery across South Africa.

Bookcases & Multi Units

Maple Contract Bookcase

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Bookcases & Multi Units

Maple Contract Hinged Door Bookcase


Buy Modular Storage Units Online in South Africa

Maximise limited workspaces with the convenience and flexibility of modular storage units! An ideal solution for busy offices, these customised components can create an efficient organisational system that easily adapts to changing needs.

Our range of modular storage units include the Evolve modular unit, which has the ability to adapt seamlessly to your storage needs and can be assembled in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Modular storage units can be paired with other modular storage furniture including our Simplicity Storage Units, contract desks, certified ergonomic chairs, ottomans and modular corner couches.

Order stylish and functional modular storage units online from All Office, with door-to-door delivery across South Africa. 

Buy Filing Cabinets Online in South Africa

Filing cabinets are a great way to organise and store important documents, files, and other items. With sturdy construction and adjustable shelving, they can be used in both the office and at home. 

Our range of filing cabinets include Steel Filing Cabinets and the QuickFile Storage unit which provide ample space – ideal for modern workspaces or working environments with traditional furnishings.

Filing cabinets help keep everything organised so it’s easy to find the documents you need quickly when needed. They also protect valuable paper documents from damage due to water, dust and other environmental conditions. And with secure locks, you can rest assured that your confidential information is safe from prying eyes!

Order functional and safe filing cabinets from All Office, with door-to-door delivery across South Africa.

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Curate the ideal space-saving environment for a professional business or productive home office. 

All Office, founded in 1978, is a leading supplier of office furniture across South Africa, with a wealth of expertise and a helpful team. 

From high-quality storage solutions to stylish couches, ottomans, booths, modular furniture and more.

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Matt Miszczak

Matt Miszczak

The product itself is 5 stars, but what really made me happy with this company was the customer service. When placing the order (before checkout) I was advised that the item was out of stock so I would need to wait but they gave me an expected delivery date. Closer to the date they kept me informed about delays with customs (as is standard in SA I feel) and even followed my unique special delivery instructions. Everyone I dealt with was exceptionally great! :)

Nick James

Lynn’s service was exceptional! I ordered a chair online and was called within the hour to be informed that they were waiting for stock. I was offered a temporary chair which was delivered the same day. I have been constantly updated throughout this process and Lynn is an asset to your business. Thank you. The best service I have received in ages.

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Frequently asked questions about storage solutions

How do I organise my office storage?

Storage solutions such as bookcases and filing cabinets can help keep items neat and organised in an efficient manner. If you have limited space, consider using vertical storage options that make the most of wall and floor space.

Investing in sturdy bookcases or TV units with compartments is a great way to organise items while still adding character to the room.

Storage solutions can be tricky to find when you have limited space. Luckily, All Office offers a range of products designed to make the most of whatever space you have available. Our TV units are perfect for creating additional storage without taking up too much room, while our bookcases provide an elegant addition to any room in your home or office. We also offer cabinets and drawers that help organise items in an orderly manner so that everything is easily accessible.

Organising your desk can be a challenge, especially if you have limited storage options. Luckily, All Office provides an easy solution with a selection of monitor stands and monitor arms that will help make even the most cluttered desks look neat and tidy.

All Office is a leading supplier of office furniture across South Africa, and our range includes stunning wood and metal storage solutions, designed using high-quality materials. Choose the right size and design for your work environment, including modular storage or bookcases, filing cabinets, TV and wall units and much more.

Explore our storage solutions and other office furniture ranges including home office furniture, ergonomic chairs, desks, couches, and more, or contact our team to find out more.