How To Get Your Home Office Design Right Step-By-Step

Once seen as nonessential, a home office is now a must. The movement towards ‘working from home’ has increased the need for an ergonomically pleasing and modern home office for many people. If you already work from home or are planning to, you can use this guide to help you design the perfect home office.

Before you start your home office design, it’s important to establish what you will be using it for.

Step 1: Ask yourself these questions before deciding your Home Office Design

  1. What type of work will I be doing?
  2. Will clients visit my office?
  3. Do I need space for any colleagues coming over?
  4. What equipment and/or technology will I use?
  5. Will I video conference clients?
  6. Do I need a lot of light and furniture?

Answering these simple questions will help you decide what you need for your modern home office. Once you know the answers to these questions, your next step is finding a location for your office.

If you have the space, consider creating a garden office room, converting your garage into an office or if the budget allows it, build a home office extension.

Be Creative with your Design!

If you are not able to add a new office space, be creative with the space you have. You can convert your guest room into an office or just revamp a corner of any room you have.

Now that you have your space you need to determine what supplies and furniture you need in your office.

There are three essentials you need in an office:

Lets explore all three and see what All Office has to offer.

STEP 2: Select the Right Chair for Your Home Office Design

If your budget is tight, always start with your chair. A good chair makes a world of difference. When choosing, you want one that offers lumbar support and is adjustable. You can also match your chair to the rest of your room’s furniture.

All Office has a large selection of ergonomically designed chairs that are suitable for your home office. We’ve listed some of our top sellers below.

STEP 3: Find the Perfect Desk for You Home Office Design

Once you have your chair, move on to find a desk that will fit in your modern home office space. Now here you can have a little bit of fun, as you do not have to go with the traditional route. There are countless options available that offers much more flexibility. And one such product is a Height Adjustable Desk.

R1,859.00 R1,561.00
R2,493.00 R2,094.00

Monitor Arms Are Something that Should Be Considered for Your Home Office

Having monitor arms has multiple benefits. These include saving space on your desk top and adjusting your monitor to the ideal height based on your sitting position. This helps alleviate neck, back and eye strain associated with improper monitor positioning.


Home Office Accessories

Dual Mobi Contract Monitor Arm


STEP 4: Declutter Your Modern Home Office with Storage

Don’t overlook storage when you are busy with your home office design. Having a cluttered workspace can affect your productivity more than you think. With a bookcase you can keep your space tidy plus keep that modern look you are after. When you invest in storage, keep in mind that you will also have accessories lying around, so make sure you have enough room for those too.


With your essentials all sorted out you can start looking into accessories that make your work life better in terms of health and productivity. Have a look at the Ergowork Contract Anti Fatigue Mat designed to make standing as comfortable as possible – this would be perfect if you chose the stand-sit desk converter. Or if you opted for the traditional desk, invest in an Ergonomic Footrest that elevates and supports your feet.

Office Furniture Pretoria

STEP 5: Create an effective workspace layout

Getting up to grab something you need is good for your health, but it can interrupt our workflow. To avoid this, keep items that you use a lot close by and ones that you don’t more scattered across your home office.

For example, if you use your earphones a lot, keep them right by your desk, or if you write down tasks in a notebook, don’t put it on another table or far away.

If you use a lot of technology, ensure that your outlets are close by and easy to access. Your office environment is there to help you work better and smarter.

Here a are a few tricks you can try yourself:

  • Tilt your monitor down to ensure your sitting position does not get affected.
  • Position your monitor in such a way that the windows are in front of you.

Try and go as green as possible for the sake of our planet and yourself. It is not always possible to go completely green right away, but start with the small things like using less paper or buying energy saving bulbs.

Some other ideas include:

  • Recycle or re-use your paper.
  • Switch to digital tools.
  • Use natural light if possible.
  • Turn off electronics when you don’t use it to save on your electric bill.
  • Activate power-saving features on your electronics.
  • Ensure that any electronics you are not using gets recycled properly.

Lastly, after all these tips make your home office design your own. The space must reflect who you are as a person and support your productivity as well as your well being. No one person is the same and we encourage you to create your own space.

If you are ready to take on your own home office, but you are not sure what would work best for you, we can help. You can browse through our products on our website or get in touch with one of our specialists that will take care of all your needs.