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If you’re looking for a superior office chair, look no further than the Corporate Collection. Our top-selling collection of professional office chairs, every chair within this range is ergonomically certified and developed to be used. Only the highest-quality materials go into designing these durable, comfortable and sought-after chairs. With a number of options available, you are guaranteed to find your future chair of choice.  


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Accent Ergonomic Certificate


Adapt Ergonomic Certificate

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Cassie Ergonomic Certificate


Motion Ergonomic Certificate

What Makes a Chair Ergonomic?

As you may know, not all chairs are created equal. To ensure that a chair really is ergonomic by design, the chair must have an ergonomic certificate. This can only be obtained by meeting stringent criteria which includes having a backrest with adjustable lumbar support; height adjustable arms; and a seat with adequate support and height adjustment. Of course, the Corporate Collection ticks all these boxes – and more.

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Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufaturing of the Corporate Collection chairs. These have been tested and proven to be reliable over many years.

Adapt Chair Black Mesh


The high tension mesh used for the backrests allows the right amount of support and airflow to keep you cool while you work.



High strength polypropylene creates a frame that has the right amount of flex and support to work as hard as you do.



Easy, durable to clean fabrics make up the base of the seats in the Corporate Collection. 



Known for its high strength and light weight, aluminium is a great material for components chair construction!


We Stand Behind Our Product with Our Unbeatable 8 Year Warranty

We believe in the quality the Corporate Collection chairs, that all have an 8 year warranty.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery to all major cities on all our corporate collection chairs. All our chairs come flat packed and require assembly.


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Useful Exercise for a Healthy Posture

Moving to the edge of your seat, place one hand on your seat and pivot to face away from your desk. Rotating the spine loosens it’s lateral supporting muscles.

Healthy Posture Exercises 03

Sitting upright, clasp your hands and stretch your arms above your head, holding for 10 seconds. This will stretch and align your spine and supporting muscles.

Connect your hands behind your back and hold for 10 seconds. This helps to stretch your back and shoulder muscles as well as relieve muscle tension.

Healthy Posture Exercises 02

Using the base of your seat, lift your body upward and hold for 5 seconds. Doing a few reps strengthens your core to improve spinal support.