The Best Office furniture in Johannesburg

All office has a wide range of Office furniture in Johannesburg available. From Home Office Chairs, Desks and other office furniture. All Office has the best office furniture in Johannesburg.


Our Range of Office Chairs

We offer a wide range of office chairs to suit your budget and style. We simply have the widest range of office furniture in Johannesburg

8 Year

Certified Ergonomic Chairs

Accent | Certified Ergonomic Chair


Certified Ergonomic Chairs

Tempo | Certified Ergonomic Chair

8 Year

Certified Ergonomic Chairs

Cassie | Certified Ergonomic Chair


Certified Ergonomic Chairs

Adapt White | Certified Ergonomic Chair

8 Year

Certified Ergonomic Chairs

Motion White | Certified Ergonomic Chair


Our Range of Office DesksOffice Furniture in Johannesburg

Once you have decided on your perfect Office Chair, your next step would be to look for a Desk to go with your Office Chair. All Office has a wide range of Computer desks available to suit your needs, budget and taste. To view our range of office chairs please visit Computer Desks. Our Office Furniture in Johannesburg is made out of the highest quality and we ensure that we always have the best prices and service in Pretoria.

Other Office Furniture in Johannesburg

Whether you’re looking for a basic computer desk, a home office desk or an executive desk, we have you covered with our wide range of office furniture in Johannesburg. You can view our wide range of office furniture.

Why Choose All Office?

Once seen as nonessential, a home office is now a must. The movement towards ‘working from home’ has increased the need for an ergonomically pleasing and modern home office for many people. All Office not only has the widest range of Office Desks and Office Chairs but also additional office furniture in Johannesburg.

If you’re looking for office chairs, office furniture, or anything office-related for that matter, we have the most comprehensive range to suit your needs and/or big office ideas.

If you’re working from home, we can offer you top quality home office furniture, from home office tables, studio desks & chairs to study tables & student desks.

From affordable chairs that cost R900, to top of the range chairs at R20’000, our range will most certainly satisfy your needs.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for 1 office chair with ergonomic technologies and a standing desk, or you’re part of a corporate leader with expansive taste and the money to back it – we’ve got you covered in every sense.

All Office was established in 1978 and has become synonymous with the supply of ergonomically designed office furniture.