WATCH: How To Put On Your Bedwrap – Linen House

Looking for that one accessory to achieve complete bed-making perfection?

We’ve got it.

See just how easy it is to put our much-adored valance Bedwrap™ on your mattress base.

Made from a durable fabric that feels like suede, Linen House Bedwrap™ decorates your bed base without having to remove your mattress or any bed linen.

You’ll never dread making your bed again.

How to put on your Bedwrap in 5 easy steps

  1. Find your Bedwrap™ seam.
  2. Starting at the back, work your way around the bed, placing it over your mattress.
  3. Maneuever your Bedwrap™ over the mattress base.
  4. Tuck it in under your mattress base.
  5. Voilà!