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The right vacuum cleaner helps us save time and energy, is easy to use, reliable and can clean up a variety of allergens and dirt from the environment.

Our range includes a variety of high-quality vacuum cleaners curated by experts; including corded and cordless vacuum cleaners,handheld or rechargeable vacuums, as well as bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. Our vacuum cleaners are backed by reviews from customers around South Africa and available with flexible payment terms.

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Key considerations for choosing a vacuum cleaner

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should consider the area(s) you are wanting to clean. Use this to consider different vaccuum cleaner designs, ease of operation, suction power and any specific cleaning features. For example, a cordless, handheld vacuum is portable and perfect for home use, but is more expensive and has a limited battery life compared to a traditional bagged corded vacuum which may be better suited for heavier duty use in an office space

Find a vacuum cleaner that suits your cleaning demands, and the size of your space.

Benefits of purchasing a premium vacuum cleaner

There are many benefits associated with keeping your surrounding environment clean.

Vacuums make cleaning more efficient, saving time and effort while eliminating dust mites, dirt and other allergens. With premium materials, vacuums can last a long time, and advanced features can help you clean a variety of surfaces more effectively.

Why Choose All Office?

Established in 1978 All Office has become synonymous with the supply of ergonomically-designed office furniture.

We also stock a range of premium furniture, appliances and equipment for living room, bedroom and kitchen spaces.

Our range features vacuum cleaners from leading brands, like Bosch. We stand behind in our five-year guarantee on every purchase, and we believe in premium quality, prompt delivery, and superb after-sales service and advice.

We cater for every individual customer’s needs and pride ourselves on our long-standing tradition of exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our client portfolio speaks for itself, with blue-chip companies such as ABSA Bank, Barclays, Microsoft, Cadbury, Clicks, Coca-Cola, Seeff, Nedbank, Shoprite, Sasol, Truworths, Distell and De Beers – to name a few.

We work with an extensive network of distributors to deliver efficiently across South Africa.

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Our premium vacuum cleaners with delivery in South Africa

Explore high-quality vacuum cleaners with effective cleaning functionalities to meet the demands of your space.

To meet your preferences, we stock corded and cordless vacuum cleaners, handheld or rechargeable vacuum cleaners, as well as bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. 

Our range includes Bosch vacuum cleaners and other high-quality brands, with a variety of different designs and sizes to suit your needs. 

Ideal for maintaining any home or business environments, our vacuums can remove dirt, dust mites and other allergens. If you suffer regular respiratory or skin symptoms in your work or living space as we result of allergies, we also recommend that you try humidifiers or diffusers.

Order premium vacuum cleaners online with door-to-door delivery available across South Africa.

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As a leading supplier of office furniture in South Africa, we also stock a wider range of office and home furniture, as well as equipment and appliances. 

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What Our Customers Say

Matt Miszczak

Matt Miszczak

The product itself is 5 stars, but what really made me happy with this company was the customer service. When placing the order (before checkout) I was advised that the item was out of stock so I would need to wait but they gave me an expected delivery date. Closer to the date they kept me informed about delays with customs (as is standard in SA I feel) and even followed my unique special delivery instructions. Everyone I dealt with was exceptionally great! :)

Nick James

Lynn’s service was exceptional! I ordered a chair online and was called within the hour to be informed that they were waiting for stock. I was offered a temporary chair which was delivered the same day. I have been constantly updated throughout this process and Lynn is an asset to your business. Thank you. The best service I have received in ages.

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Frequently asked questions about vacuum cleaners

How much is a vacuum cleaner in South Africa?

The prices of vacuum cleaners vary depending on a variety of factors. Their functionality, power, size and quality are key aspects that influence the price of vacuum cleaners. 

For example, small rechargeable, handheld vacuum cleaners are versatile and well suited for portable cleaning of various surfaces, thowever,they may not provide the same features, power and capabilities to clean the larger surface areas as a traditional (more bulky) upright vacuum, or canister vacuum.

The size of your rooms and your specific requirements will determine the type of vacuum cleaner.

Our 3 month, no-interest, payment plans make it more affordable to purchase the perfect study desk on a budget. We also offer the same payment plans for our coffee tables and couches.

How to use a vacuum cleaner?

Organising your study table will mostly be centred around your own preferences, but there are some helpful tips you can keep in mind when figuring out the best way to organise your desk: 

  1. Tidy your space and clear all small items: Start by packing away frequently used items, and organise furniture in your room to clear your floorspace.
  2. Adjust the height of your vacuum cleaner (‘s power nozzle): Vacuum cleaners typically have a height setting which can be adjusted from low to high to provide optimal cleaning for a wide range of surfaces. For bare surfaces, the lowest setting is recommended, and the highest setting is best for plush carpets or certain types of rugs.
  3. Charge or plug in your vacuum cleaner: If you have a rechargeable vacuum cleaner, ensure that it is fully charged before you start cleaning. If you have vacuum cleaner with a cord, plug it into the wall outlet and you’re ready to go.
  4. Utilise useful attachments when appropriate: Most vacuum cleaners will come with attachments to help you clean different types of spaces and materials. For example, you might find a crevice tool, extension wand, upholstery nozzles, floor nozzles and other attachments. Use these attachments when appropriate for effective cleaning.
  5. Try slow even strokes to clean ground surfaces effectively: Try to maintain a smooth and steady motion when operating your vacuum cleaner to ensure you can pick up all dirt effectively. Moving too quick may result in your vacuum cleaner missing spots and dirt being left behind.
How to clean a vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning bagless vacuum cleaners with dust canisters

Bagless vacuum cleaners are typically equipped with dust canisters or cups, which can be disconnected from your vacuum, it’s best to empty them once they are around two-thirds full. These canisters usually contain filters, which may need to be cleaned using a brush or washed by hand. Ensure they are completely dry before placing them back inside the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning vacuum cleaners with bags

With ‘bagged vacuum cleaners’ one must detach the bag from the vacuum cleaner, empty it out into a bin and either replace the bag or rinse it with hot water, let it dry and attach the bag to the vacuum cleaner once again.

How often should you replace your vacuum cleaner?

It is suggested that vacuum cleaners have an average lifespan of around 8 years, however, it all depends on your usage and the quality of your vacuum cleaner. The bags and filters for vacuum cleaners should be changed every few uses to ensure your vacuum performs optimally.

What is the difference between bagged & bagless vacuum cleaners?

The main difference between bagless vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners with bags is the way in which dust, dirt and other materials are stored. Bagged vacuum cleaners are equipped with bags (that act as an additional layer of filtration) which generally need to be replaced after they are full. Bagless vacuum cleaners are usually equipped with transparent containers that need to be emptied once they are full. Bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners have their own unique benefits.