What to Consider When Buying New Office Furniture for Your Office

Whether you’re about to furnish your brand new office premises or are looking to revive your existing office space, new office furniture can make a huge difference. There are many things to consider when buying new office furniture, from the practicality and comfort of your selection to their style and appearance. Here’s a guide on how to weigh up your choices when buying office furniture. Appearance Appearance may sound like a superficial factor to consider, [...]

Trending Colours for Your Spring Office Make-over

One of the best ways to prepare for a new season is to plan an office make-over. For businesses, the start of Spring often coincides with a new project or venture, and an office or brand redesign can wonderfully reflect a fresh new direction. An office make-over doesn’t need to include a complete overhaul – a simple change in colour can provide a great different to an office while remaining relatively low budget. Choose to [...]