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Office Design Features That Promote Productivity

Productivity in the workplace is every business manager’s concern. An office worker’s ability to focus, and remain focussed, is crucial for their work productivity. A more productive office means that more work gets done, and at a higher quality. Whether that means closing more sales, designing better marketing strategies, assisting more clients, filing taxes sooner, or even just keeping the office tidier, a business that accomplishes more, benefits more. If you are worried about dropping [...]

Office Furniture Accessories

Office furniture accessories can make the difference between a functional office and an office that promotes better functionality and productivity. Apart from the essentials of a desk and chair, an office can benefit from a few additional furniture items. If you favour a minimalist office design, furniture accessories can be sleek and space-saving while adding a touch of sophistication to the space. More creative or busy office spaces can use furniture accessories to add form, [...]

Desk Accessories: Top 10 Items Every Office Desk Needs

Whether you prefer working at a neatly organised and minimalist desk or amidst a creative clutter, there are some items every office desk can benefit from. Besides the basics of a laptop or computer and pen and paper, here are our top picks for useful and enjoyable desk accessories. Monitor stand Most office workers don’t realise that their computer monitors or laptop screens are at the wrong height. The top of the screen should be [...]