Redefine your space with our soft seating ranges which offer style, comfort and flexibility.

Choose from an extensive collection of leather or vibrant colour fabrics to create a unique look for your company. All our soft seating is made to order.

Office Seating
Office Seating
Office Seating
Office Seating
Office Chair


Armchairs are perfect for small reception or pause areas. They can be used on their own, or as part of an expanded set in larger areas, which could include 2 seaters and booths.

Office Seating

2 Seaters

All the sitting space you need for larger reception and pause areas. Compliment your armchairs by adding the 2 seaters from the same or a complimentary range.

Office Couch

Modular Units

Modular Units allow you to choose what you want to create a seating solution for your space.

Office Seating


Booths create privacy without a feeling of isolation. They can serve as a quick meeting space or as a quiet space to focus and get work done in an otherwise open plan environment.



Your versatile seating solution. They are easy to re-arrange for quick informal meeting spots.

Contact us, tell us YOUR perfect combination and we will send you a quotation.