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Why Use a Standing Desk Converter

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can have negative effects on your health. Standing desk converters are a great way to switch between sitting and standing during your workday. Not everyone can have a sit-stand desk, especially when you work in an office with desk clusters. Standing desk converters fill this need perfectly by allowing you the freedom to adjust the way you work.

Intermittent Standing

Mounting evidence shows us that adding more frequent low-intensity physical activity during the workday – such as intermittent standing – has far-reaching benefits associated with employee health and wellness.

According to Ergotron’s assessment, 94 percent of sit-stand users agree movement friendly workstations reduce their health risks.

Standing Desks

The Health Benefits of Adjusting
the Way You Work

Many wellness interventions require participation in an event or program. A sit-stand workstation, however, directly replaces an existing activity – sitting at a workstation – for one that allows movement. Even in environments where movement is encouraged, job responsibilities and deadlines can present major barriers that prevent employees from taking active breaks. An adjustable sit-stand workstation allows an employee to quickly change positions without interrupting workflow, focus or productivity.

The following icons show the percentage of sit-stand users reporting positive impacts to:

Standing Desks

What Does the Research Say?

Outside research reinforces the notion that employees engaged in sit-stand workstyles benefit from significant improvements to state of mind and physical comfort. According to the Workplace Movement Assessment, the same cannot be said for those who sit for the majority of the day (see chart below).

Standing Desks

The benefits of regular movement go beyond improving mood states. The Workplace Movement Assessment found that those using sit-stand workstations reported positive physical outcomes:

  • 63% experienced back pain relief
  • 72% experienced improved general comfort
  • 73% experienced stiffness relief
  • 57% experienced muscle fatigue relief

According to the Take a Stand study6 by Dr. Niko Pronk, chief medical officer of HealthPartners, 100% of the sit-stand population researched experienced improved mood states. The study found that just one hour of reduced sitting led to:

  • 87% feeling more energized
  • 71% feeling more focused
  • 66% feeling more productive
  • 62% feeling happier

Benefits Across Generations

According to the data, all generations can, and do, benefit from sit-stand workstations.

Interestingly, the perceived benefits vary based on generation. For young workers especially (those 20-30), implementing movement-friendly workstations positively impacts their interaction with others, and increases face-time with coworkers.

Standing Desks

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