Extend the life and look of your office chairs, carpets and other fabric furnishings.

Many of us spend most of the day in our office chairs. Yet, how often do we think of cleaning them? Or the fabric screens, conference room chairs and receptions area couches?

Removing dust and allergies from office chairs and sofas and fabric panels creates a healthier workplace environment for you and your employees, and improves the overall appearance of your facility. Our highly effective upholstery cleaning systems and products to clean a wide variety of fabrics and carpets. We work together with manufacturers’ suggested treatments and use approved products and methods to carefully pre-treat and clean your office furniture and carpets.

We will remove all dust and accumulated, ground-in soil. We are also able to remove most stain spots and build-ups. Chairs, sofas, fabric screens and other office furnishings are cleaned on-site, and are typically ready for use the next business morning.

Office Furniture Cleaning Services Benefits

  • Expert evaluation of your office furniture fabrics to ensure the safest cleaning method
  • Pre-spot treatment for heavy staining
  • On-location cleaning done at your convenience
  • Specialize equipment and products that clean every type of upholstery
  • Removal of dust and allergens for a healthier workplace

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