• PoshLogo Sold by the likes of MOMA in New York, the trace table range is simply a modern classic that speaks for itself. Suffice to say, the immaculate hand made steel frame and repetition of shapes make trace an exquisitely balanced form. Historically seen with a clear glass top, trace works equally well with opulent or contrasting materials recessed flush into the frame. Use trace in the standard sizes in any interior or talk to us about a bespoke size to suit your specific requirements. Product literature Trace Brochure (743kb .pdf)

  • PoshLogo Shard is a simple coatstand with a bold, graphic aesthetic. Useful as an object and beautiful as a decorative addition to a space. Use shard in conjunction with other naughtone products that use the same bent wire process such as viv chairs, reg chairs, hush chairs and pollen stools. Product literature Shard Brochure (568kb .pdf)

  • PoshLogo Riley is a beautifully crafted solid oak pull-up table, sized perfectly to slide over benches, sofa arms or chair arms. Riley is handmade in solid wood…nothing else. Riley is sealed with a light matt lacquer, preserving the natural feel of the wood. Designed by Sam McMorran. Product literature Riley Brochure (538kb .pdf)

  • PoshLogo The hexagon is a natural repeating shape which can be used in either small clusters, straight lines, around bends or tucked into corners. This makes Pollen a truly dynamic seating and table system for any corporate, public or educational space. The tables and seats use the same base options making pollen a simple choice with a sophisticated application.

  • PoshLogo Don’t be fooled by imitations, the award winning Pinch stool is another classic in the naughtone range and a truly versatile product. The fully upholstered form of the Pinch stool offers a comfortable seat, whether used at a table or mingled with soft seating. It can be sat on or straddled and the pinch stool has no obvious direction so lends itself to being scattered in a space. Use the Pinch stool as functional occasional seating and to add life to any interior space. Product literature Pinch Brochure (477kb .pdf)

  • PoshLogo The hush chair’s wing-back form offers sanctuary and a welcoming familiarity. Whilst hush takes inspiration from the past it responds to contemporary demands. Hush is designed to be comfortable but with an upright positive sit; making it an ideal retreat but perfect for working, reading, eating or private conversations. The slender internal frame provides the hush chair’s now unmistakable profile. A cost effective product that makes a big statement every time. Product literature Hush Brochure (751kb .pdf)

  • PoshLogo Your newest old friend. The Dalby table will inject warmth and quality into an interior without raising any eyebrows. Dalby provides a practical, robust surface and maximised leg positions for clear, usable access all round the table. The simple design easily scales across a wide range of sizes from small 3 to 4 people circular tables through to huge meeting tables, to cafe tables and coffee tables. The Dalby table is built from solid materials the good old way and will therefore last as long as it’s timeless aesthetic endures. Product literature Dalby Brochure (751kb .pdf)

  • PoshLogo Busby is a modern cocoon for everyday situations. Used in a variety of applications Busby works particularly well as a haven for employees in open plan work spaces, suitable for one person to make confidential phone calls, and with the ability to place two or more pieces together for a more collaborative arrangement. Busby was the product of a collaborative project with the BBC and the then student designer Samir Skalli. Busby now features heavily at the BBC’s new home at Media city Salford. Product literature Busby Brochure (751kb .pdf)

  • PoshLogo An easy form for an easy chair, the Always Lounge chair hides its complexity well. A very careful combination of shapes have created a lounge chair that is very comfortable and looks great from every angle. Always lounge chair is available on 4 different base styles and being an upholstered product it is a true chameleon – frankly there is no reason to not have an always lounge chair. Product literature Always Lounge Brochure (701kb .pdf)