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Mattress Toppers

Looking to improve the comfort levels of your mattress with a durable mattress topper? Consider a high-quality mattress cover from Linen House, a brand that’s internationally renowned for its designer bedlinen and textiles.

Our Range of Linen House Mattress Toppers


What Are the Benefits of Using a Mattress Topper?

A mattress pad, or a mattress topper, helps to add comfort and warmth to every sleep. It’s the ultimate bed essential for anyone who is looking to maximise comfort and restfulness as well as enjoy additional mattress protection. Linen House stocks a wide variety of first-class mattress toppers and mattress covers which provide a cushion-top for your bed to create extra support and softness. A good mattress cover also offers protection as it is designed to provide an additional layer between you and your mattress – safeguarding the mattress against perspiration and allergens.

What Kind of Mattress Topper is Right for Me?

From feather mattress toppers to wool mattress toppers, there are so many options available today that it may be difficult determining what kind of mattress pad is the right fit for you. While feather mattress toppers provide a thick layer of soft down to make firm mattress more comfortable, unfortunately they do not offer much support. Wool mattress toppers are sometimes favoured based on the fact that they can help regulate body heat. The Linen House range primarily consists of mattress toppers with a cotton outer and a polyester fill. This is because cotton mattress covers are ideal for adding warmth and cosiness but are also naturally-breathable, soft and hypoallergenic. The polyester filling is designed to draw the heat away and provide additional cushioning on top of your mattress, making it perfect for creating a high-quality and durable mattress pad. In addition, this combination ensures an easy-to-care-for product which is machine washable and dries quickly. It also guarantees a softer feel and helps with crease resistance, shape retention and durability.

How Are Linen House Mattress Covers and Toppers Made?

These premium mattress toppers are made with a deep fitting, super stretch skirt to accommodate most mattress depths for a snug and secure fit. They are fully machine washable.

Why Choose Linen House?

The international Linen House brand is regarded as one of the most innovative and stylish purveyors of designer bedlinen and homeware brands today – famous for bringing together comfort, elegance and sophistication with the guarantee of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. 

Product Care

Be sure to follow the care instructions for each Linen House mattress pad in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the product.

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