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Duvet Covers & Sets

Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into an existing bedroom or design your dream bedroom from scratch, the breathtaking duvet cover sets that are available from Linen House are inspired by trends around the world and expertly created by only the most forward-thinking designers. This much-admired collection of duvet sets and sheet covers features a broad selection of styles, themes and colours, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Our Range Of Linen House Duvet Covers


Create Your Space Your Way

Mix and match varied design stories to hone in on your personal style or reinvent your bedroom aesthetic entirely. Whether it’s summery floral duvet cover sets you’re after or moody abstract designs, Linen House has stunning bedding covers to suit every taste and individual, allowing you to express yourself and your one-of-a-kind personality.

Transforming Bedrooms into Designer Masterpieces

Adding eye-catching accents is a great way to instantly change up the look and feel of any space including the bedroom, which is regarded as the safe haven of one’s home. So, why not create a space that flawlessly exudes the atmosphere and design aesthetic which resonates with you? Liven up any bedroom’s look by incorporating the right variety of textures and patterns which can effortlessly be introduced through designer duvet sets, sheet covers or bedding covers.

Choosing the Right Duvet Sets for Your Interior

With so many phenomenal options to choose from, you may be wondering where to start in terms of selecting sheet covers that will beautifully integrate with a new or existing bedroom. As every individual has their own inimitable style and unique preferences, it’s important to consider which design aesthetic makes you feel the most at home. Of course, if you are redecorating an existing bedroom as opposed to designing one from the ground up, identifying different elements present in the space – such as the architectural style, lightness or darkness of the room as well as its size – can help to inform which duvet sets will work best to harmonise and uplift your interior design. For instance, a very busy bedroom might benefit from bedding covers which are more toned down and neutral – such as the Linen House Elka Bamboo Cotton duvet cover set in Oxford White or Silver. On the other hand, if you are hoping to add variety and texture to a more simplistic bedroom interior then patterned sheet covers, like the Linen House Kova or Caspian Duvet Set, can help to achieve just that.

Rest Assured with Superior Quality Design

Founded in 1993, Linen House has become synonymous with high-quality home textiles that are not only innovative but keep up to date with global trends. Since entering the South African market in 2005, the brand has continued to uphold its commitment to creating unique designs using the latest textile technologies to develop fashion orientated print, jacquard, applique and embroidered bed linen.

How the Linen is Made

To create their gorgeous duvet cover sets, the experts at Linen House make use of a technique known as ‘warp and weft’ to design fabric that is made up of fibres which run in two directions, at right angles to one another. By changing the weave pattern, Linen House creates different bed linen types that are of superior quality and, most importantly, feel as incredible as they look.

Product Care

Be sure to follow the care instructions for each Linen House duvet set in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the product

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