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Duvet Inners


What are Duvet Inners?

Offering warmth and insulation, micro-fiber duvet inners are used to provide the right level of warmth without weight during the winter and coolness during summer so you’ll be sure to get great use out of your duvet inner all year long. Duvet inners go inside your duvet cover, which not only protects the inner but adds flair and additional comfort to your bed.

Linen House Duvet Inners

Looking for high-quality, machine-washable duvet inners? Made from durable fibers, the luxurious bedding inners from Linen House are soft to the touch, with antibacterial protection to control dust mites and allergens. Plus, they retain their shape and loft, providing a superior level of comfort and warmth without being too weighty.

Linen House offers a variety of duvet inner sizes to accommodate queen, king, and even super king duvets.

Why Choose Linen House?

The international Linen House brand is regarded as one of the most innovative and stylish purveyors of designer bed linen and homeware today – famous for bringing together comfort, elegance, and sophistication with the guarantee of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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