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Our Range of Linen House Bedwraps & Base Covers

Is your bedroom due for a makeover, or perhaps you’re simply looking for an easy solution to beautify the base of your bed? The good news is you can effortlessly complement your bed linen with a contemporary finish in the form of a Bedwrap.

These gorgeous bed base wraps from Linen House allow you to decorate the base of your bed without having to remove your mattress or linen. Made from a durable fabric which boasts a suede-like texture, they are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit your individual taste – meaning you’re sure to find the perfect base cover for your unique requirements.

The Benefits of Bed Base Covers

In essence, a Bedwrap is a base cover which wraps around the base of your bed. So, what are the benefits of adding a bed base cover sheet to your bedroom’s interior? 
 A luxurious bed accessory, an aesthetically-pleasing bed base cover can help improve the look and feel of any bedroom. In addition, these gorgeous base covers don’t move when your mattress shifts. They are easy to maintain and apply/remove from your base – allowing you to change up the look and feel of your bed’s base with minimal effort and commitment as you can easily swap out your Bedwrap when and as you choose.

Bedwraps also add an extra layer of protection and prevent the risk of dust mites, pollen or dust entering the base.

Beautify the Base of Your Bed

If you’re not crazy about the aesthetic of your bed’s base, a bed base cover sheet can help to solve this issue simply and affordably. Add an element of sophistication and elegance to your bed, and ensure that your base matches your bed linen, by introducing a stunning base cover from Linen House.

How to Put On Your Linen House Bed Base Wrap

1. Find the seam of the base cover 2. Starting at the back, work your way around the bed by placing it over your mattress 3. Maneuver the bed base cover so that it’s over the mattress base
4. Tuck it under your mattress base

Rest Assured with Superior Quality Design

Founded in 1993, Linen House has become synonymous with high-quality home textiles that are not only innovative but keep up to date with global trends. Since entering the South African market in 2005, the brand has continued to uphold its commitment to creating unique designs using the latest textile technologies to develop fashion orientated print, jacquard, applique and embroidered bed linen.

Product Care

Be sure to follow the care instructions for Linen House bed base covers in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the product.

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