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Bed Covers

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If you’re in the process of decorating a new or existing bedroom, you may be looking for some gorgeous duvet cover sets to add the finishing touch to your interior design and take your décor to the next level.

Our Range of Linen House Bed Covers

Express Personality and Flair

Linen House is internationally recognised for their designer bedding linen, including their luxury duvet covers and mattress covers. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, these bespoke duvet cover sets are perfect for improving the look and feel of your bed as well as creating stunning layered looks.

Beautify the Interior Design of Your Bedroom

Effortlessly introduce a burst of colour, exciting textural variety or elegant patterns to beautify your bedroom with a set of bedding linen that expresses your unique personality and style.

Choosing the Right Mattress Covers and Duvet Covers for Your Bedroom

With so many phenomenal options to choose from, you may be wondering where to start in terms of selecting the right bedding linen to suit your new or existing bedroom. Naturally, every individual has their own taste and preferences however there are some simple tricks to keep in mind when picking out new bed essentials. Identifying the different elements present in the space – such as the architectural style, lightness or darkness of the room as well as its size – can help to inform which duvet cover sets are a good fit for you and your space. Lighter bedrooms may do well with more vibrant or busier patterns and textures while smaller and darker bedrooms will benefit from lighter, more neutral options which can help create the illusion of spaciousness.

Rest Assured with Superior Quality Design

Founded in 1993, Linen House has become synonymous with high-quality home textiles that are not only innovative but keep up to date with global trends. Since entering the South African market in 2005, the brand has continued to uphold its commitment to creating unique designs using the latest textile technologies to develop fashion orientated print, jacquard, applique and embroidered bed linen.

How the Linen is Made

To create their gorgeous duvet cover sets, the experts at Linen House make use of a technique known as ‘warp and weft’ to design fabric that is made up of fibres which run in two directions, at right angles to one another. By changing the weave pattern, Linen House creates different bed linen types that are of superior quality and, most importantly, feel as incredible as they look.

Product Care

Be sure to follow the care instructions for Linen House bedding linen and mattress covers in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the product.

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