Hotline's Head Office, a twenty year old landmark building on Empire Road Johannesburg, was to be revamped to meet the ever increasing needs of a growing company. According to Johan Groenewald of Paragon Interiors, installing a modern and versatile furniture system was the answer. The question was how to accommodate more staff, greater technology and modern tastes, without compromise.
All Office and Paragon Interiors designed a layout to replace the original desking, which would complement the newly revamped building and facilitate staffing requirements – namely Kaleidoscope.
The Kaleidoscope range with over 500 design options from 15 basic components offered a versatile and elegant working environment that Hotline was seeking. Regional Hotline offices in both Cape Town and Pretoria also chose Kaleidoscope allowing the company to have a standardised look nationally.
A space conscious footprint resulting in a more effective use of floor-space, allowed Hotline to accommodate many of its off-site divisions into the Empire Road building. This in turn, according to Hotline management, brought the divisions closer together mentally as well as physically.
Hotlines large call centre which is at the forefront of modern technology, needed a furniture solution that had to cater for a large workforce in a computer and telephone intensive environment.
The workstations needed to adapt to a growing and changing workplace as well as cater for their busy drive in centres.
Kaleidoscope's modular design allowed for flexibility and adaptability that Hotline required. Workstations can be customised to individual needs, allowing for workgroup interaction as well as individuality. Colourful, curved desk based screens were chosen to allow easy interaction amongst team members but providing privacy when needed.
The Facilities Team at Hotline said “Kaleidoscope was a sound choice. We now have a system that fits perfectly with our modern interior design requirements. Kaleidoscope also meets our rapidly expanding needs, allowing for an evolving office environment by providing options for expansion in the future”.


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