You point. You click. You fixate on your computer screen. And you sit still for hours. Mesmerized. Your body screams, “Move!”–unless you’re seated in Embody.

Designed specifically for people who sit at computers, Embody makes you feel like you’re floating. It promotes health-positive sitting, creating harmony between you and your computer to help you focus on your work and think more clearly. In fact, it’s the first work chair that supports your body and your mind.

Herman Miller Embody is Good For You
Embody keeps your body in motion and well supported, because your mind works best when you move freely and stress is minimised on your muscles, bones, and tissues. Blood circulates better, heart rate goes down, more oxygen flows to the brain, and there is no distracting discomfort or physical constraint. That’s critical in our ideal economy where innovation drives success and people get paid for their thoughts and creativity.

Healthful Movement
Embody’s rotation points are within the seat and back, and the base of the back remains fixed relative to the seat; this encourages the body to move naturally into the most positive seated postures. Consistent support. Whether you lean forward or recline, your lower back support remains constant–no adjustments needed; users of all sizes can easily assume and maintain a reclined position. Working recline posture.

Embody encourages this most healthful posture for computer users; working recline reduces compression of the spine and slows fluid loss from discs; plus, your head stays in line with your computer display. Narrow backrest. Your arms move unimpeded, adding comfort and encouraging additional air movement into the lungs to feed your brain.

Supporting You Naturally
Embody’s rotation point mimics the spine. The back is “alive,” adapting to the shape and movement of your spine; it automatically adjusts to your shifting positions and supports you through the full range of working postures.

Backfit adjustment. No matter what your spinal curvature, this adjustment lets you achieve a neutral, balanced posture and stay aligned with your computer display.

Conforming to You
One chair size fits every body. Embody automatically adapts to the wide variation in people’s size, shape, posture and spinal curve; seat depth adjusts to different thigh lengths; armrest motions fit the broadest ranges.

Product literature
Embody Chairs Brochure (5.1Mb .pdf)
Embody Chairs Product Sheet (1Mb .pdf)

Embody Adjustment Video