Eames Wire Chairs



In 1951, Charles and Ray Eames met the challenge of making a reasonably priced, quality chair that was light yet strong. Their solution–the Eames wire chair–featured a sculpted look, comfort, and practicality. It was an immediate hit. Today's versions remain true to the original design, materials, and detailing.

Historic Design
Airy silhouette. The seat is made of cross-woven wires and positioned on a bent-wire, welded base, also called the “Eiffel Tower” base.

Organic shape. The seat fits the contours of the body.

Striking presence. Seat and base are chrome finish.

Sturdy, easy to move. There's cross-weaving only where strength is required to make the chair lightweight.

Multipurpose. Adds artistic interest–and functional seating–to residences and workplaces alike.

Choice of Styles
Beautiful leather. Available with a one-piece leather seat pad, or with a criss-cross two-piece leather pad (the “bikini”).

Wire only. The chair is also available unpadded.

Product literature
Eames Wire Chairs Product Sheet (668kb .pdf)

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