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The range of motion and fluid, intuitive adjustments of the award-winning Flo are unsurpassed. Its patented geometric spring technology and dynamic fingertip control let you put your screen exactly where you want it with a minimum of effort and a maximum of precision. Unlike any other product on the market, it supports everyone's eyes, even those with progressive lenses.

Innovative Features, Patented Performance
Flo's patented geometric spring technology and dynamic fingertip control provide an unmatched range and ease of movement. The self-balancing D-ring ensures stability in either portrait or landscape orientation, while offering 40 degrees of tilt up and down. A built-in weight gauge and convenient adjustment makes setting the tension simple, and an integrated three-point cable management system keeps cables neatly out of sight.

Easy Installation and Operation
Flo mounts easily to a variety of work surfaces. A weight gauge and one single adjustment point let you set the optimum tension for your monitor and record the setting to hold it securely. For an entire team with the same equipment, simply repeat the weight setting on all workstations to cut installation time.

Monitor Configurations
1 monitor, laptop or tablet support

Product literature
Flo Monitor Support Product Sheet (366kb .pdf)
Flo Monitor Support Brochure (2mb .pdf)

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