Quality Office Furniture in Johannesburg

Quality Office Furniture in Johannesburg

All Office has been a trusted office furniture supplier in Johannesburg for decades. Not only are we well-known for meeting client expectations, but for exceeding them. Whether your business is big or small, All Office will supply your Johannesburg based business with top class furniture.

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All Office: A Trusted Office Furniture Supplier in Johannesburg

If your Johannesburg based business is in the market for tasteful and ergonomically designed office furniture, look no further than All Office.

Established in 1978, All Office is a well-established and highly successful market leader in the office furniture wholesale business. We not only strive to meet our customer’s expectations, but to exceed them. You speak, we listen and we care. No matter how big or small your business, we have the right office furniture to suit your needs.

When doing business with All Office, you can rest assured that you are buying quality products. We are so confident in this, that every purchase you make is covered by a five-year guaranteed.

Did we mention that businesses located within a 50 km radius of the Johannesburg city centre are also eligible for free delivery on their orders?

Our Top Selling Affordable Office Furniture Picks Available in Johannesburg

All Office offers a diverse assortment of quality office furniture, including more affordable options. We believe that just because you’re spending on a budget, doesn’t mean you should compromise on style and functionality.

Have a look at some of All Office’s sleek and affordable top-selling options:

The Pisa Highback Contract Office Chair – R976.00 (ex VAT)

The Pisa Highback Contract Office Chair

The Pisa Highback Contract embodies the true meaning of value for money. Not only is this office chair comfortable and practical, but sturdy and attractive. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another office chair quite like it for a similar price.

Fantastic Features

  • Fixed armrests
  • Hard castors and a nylon base
  • An upholstered foam fabric seat and back
  • A swivel and tilt mechanism
  • Gas height adjustment

Interested in the Pisa Highback Contract? Enquire about this amazing value for money office chair now!

The Ascot Highback Office Chair – R999.00 (ex VAT)

Office Furniture Johannesburg

The Ascot Highback features a contoured and adjustable backrest. Enjoy lower back support at an affordable price with the Ascot – your employees will thank you.

Fantastic Features

  • A sturdy nylon base
  • Fixed and durable armrests
  • A contoured backrest that simulates the body’s shape
  • An inner honeycomb structure – providing exceptional comfort when sitting for long periods of time – combined with an extremely durable and lightweight core.
  • A practical clutch mechanism
  • Gas height adjustment

Interested in the Ascot Highback? Enquire about this sleek and affordable office chair today!

The LEVIT8 Portable Standing Desk – R535.00 (ex VAT)

Office Furniture Johannesburg
The LEVIT8 Portable Standing Desk is a stylish and affordable solution to turn any regular office desk into a sit-standing unit. This compact standing desk converter is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to store!

To set up the LEVIT8, simply twist and fold – the same goes for when you want to store it away. It flattens quickly and is able to be stored without taking up much space at all, just tuck it away into a shelf or bag.

Being able to instantly convert their desks into a sit-stand unit will allow your employees to stretch their legs throughout the day, whenever they want – all without wasting a lot of time setting up. Alternating between sitting and standing at a desk is good for employee’s health, as remaining in a sitting position all day can increase the risk of developing specific diseases, as well as lead to a decrease in productivity.

Help your business’ productivity by investing in your employee’s continued well being – all the while remaining on budget.

Fantastic Features

  • No parts and no assembly required – quick and easy to set up and take down
  • Durable – made from quality, stain-proof and water-repellent fabric, the LEVIT8 is able to withstand quite a bit without showing any wear and tear
  • Ergonomic – shake up your daily routine by alternating between sitting and standing when your muscles become tired and aching from remaining in an unmoving sitting position for too long
  • Weight-baring and stable – Have no fear, the LEVIT8 is capable of supporting even the largest and bulkiest of laptops with ease
  • Interested in the LEVIT8 Portable standing Desk? Enquire about this convenient desk converter today!


  • 400 mm tall when folded
  • 450 mm tall when unfolded

Interested in the LEVIT8 Portable Standing Desk? Enquire about this smart desk converter today!

The All Office Contract Range

For those looking to furnish or refurnish their office without breaking the bank, consider All Office’s Contract Range. You’ll be able to kit out your office with a whole host of value for money furniture, from desking and seating to storage solutions.

Have a look at our Contract Range and enquire about what interests you today!

Our Top Sleek and Modern Office Furniture Picks Available in Johannesburg

In the market for some sleek and modern new furniture to upgrade your office’s current look? All Office offers you a wide variety of tasteful and modern office pieces that are sure to wow both your customers and employees.

Show the world your business is up to date with All Office – where form and functionality meet effortless style.

The Ergowork Electric Height Adjustable Desk – R8,115.00 (ex VAT)

Office Furniture Johannesburg

According to international studies, both workers’ productivity and health benefit when using height-adjustable desks in the office. It’s good for the body to stand for periods of the day, as sitting all day long can have numerous adverse effects on your health, such as spinal shrinkage.

By alternating between sitting and standing, you are also able to beat feelings of lethargy, increasing productivity and energy levels.

With the Ergowork Electric Height Adjustable Desk workers are much less likely to complain about severe musculoskeletal discomfort in the upper body. This amazing desk has been found to reduce body part discomfort by an average of 62% – a staggering improvement! When body part discomfort is greatly reduced, you should start to see a reduction in the frequency of illness and injury occurring amongst employees.

This desk’s digital LED Memory controller allows height adjustments to be made quickly and with little noise when running.

Fantastic Features

  • Protection against overheating and overloading
  • An energy-saver control switch
  • A handy sit/stand time reminder system
  • Reinforced steel footings, including an adjustable feet pad and crossbar for increased stability
  • Three programmable memory pre-sets that function with a quiet, soft-touch start and stop mechanism
  • Maximum load capacity of 100 kg
  • Height range: 630 mm – 1250 mm

Interested in the Ergowork Electric Height Adjustable Desk? Enquire about this sleek and futuristic office desk now!

The Ergowork Contract Anti Fatigue Mat – R699.00 (ex VAT)

The Ergowork Contract Anti Fatigue Mat

The perfect accompaniment to any standing desk converter or sit-standing workstation, the Ergowork Contract Anti Fatigue Mat will both support and keep the body comfortable while standing.

Fantastic Features

  • Made from high-density foam that provides support and comfort
  • A lightweight design
  • Made from easy to clean and durable material
  • Its bevelled edges minimise the chance of tripping over the mat
  • A textured base provides improved grip
  • Can easily be stored away underneath a workstation when not in use

Interested in the Ergowork Contract Anti Fatigue Mat? Enquire about this handy product now!

The Dual Mobi Contract Monitor Arm – R1,395.00 (ex VAT)

The Dual Mobi Contract Monitor Arm

If you or your employees work with more than one monitor, you know what a literal pain in the neck it can be. The Dual Mobi Contract Monitor Arm was specially designed with optimal ergonomics in mind. This amazing monitor arm has an extensive range of motion, providing you with a better and more comfortable viewing angle.

The Dual Mobi Contract Monitor Arm features integrated cable management, leaving your desktop clutter-free. Its heavy-duty construction means that you are paying for durability that will last a long time.

Installation of this monitor arm is possible either by clamping onto a desk or through desk installation. This provides you with the flexibility of choosing your preferred installation method – see what works best for your office setup.

Fantastic Features

  • Offers support to monitors weighing between 2 – 6.5 kg
  • Can accommodate most 17 – 27 inch monitors
  • Complies to VESA regulations: 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm
  • An upright lift distance of 250 mm
  • A tilt angle range of 35 to -50 degrees
  • Can vertically rotate 360 degrees
  • Can rotate 360 degrees horizontally at the arm
  • Is able to horizontally swivel 220 degrees at the base
  • To clamp: desktop must not exceed a maximum thickness of 95 mm
  • To install through desk: hole size range must be between 10 – 50 mm

Interested in the Dual Mobi Contract Monitor Arm? Enquire about this extremely useful monitor arm today!

The Motion White – R3,595.00 – R3,953.00 (ex VAT)

Office Furniture Johannesburg

When buying the Motion White you not only get All Office’s regular 5-year warranty but our extended 8-year warranty for ultimate peace of mind. This comfortable and stylish chair was designed to last for a long time.

The Motion White office chair is designed with optimal ergonomic support in mind, allowing you to say ‘goodbye’ to achy limbs.

Some of this versatile office chair’s standard features include a self-adjusting mechanism, providing optimal balance and back support, as well as a sliding seat – ensuring that people of a wide variety of heights sit comfortably.

Fantastic Features

  • A Self-adjusting synchro mechanism
  • 5-star nylon base including dual castors
  • A high tension mesh back featuring integrated and adjustable lumbar support
  • Standard 1D height adjustable arms including soft caps
  • A standard upholstered sliding seat made from moulded foam
  • Able to support static weight of up to 150 kg

Interested in the Motion White? Enquire about this amazing office chair now!

Our Top Home Office Furniture Recommendations Available in Johannesburg

If you’re looking to redo your home office with quality ergonomic products, look no further than All Office. Browse through our extensive range of office furniture and you’re certain to find what you’re looking for.

Have the best home office on the block – shop All Office.

The Laptop Stand – R629.00 (ex VAT)

The Laptop Stand

Tired of sitting at your desk and not ready to commit to a sit-stand desk just yet? Then our laptop stand is the ideal solution for you! Now you can sit in your favourite chair or couch while using your laptop.

This laptop stand will make using your laptop away from your desk an easier and more comfortable experience.

Fantastic Features

  • Available in black and white
  • Its simplistic design and monochrome colour scheme goes great with a wide variety of other furniture and colour pallets – no sticking out like a sore thumb
  • Has a strong steel shaft and base
  • Topped with a quality medium-density fibreboard top

Interested in our minimalistic, yet sleek, laptop stand? Enquire about it today!

The Cassie – R2,695.00 (ex VAT)

The Cassie

Accompanied by an unbeatable 8-year warranty, the Cassie is a fantastic office chair, designed to last you a long time.

The Cassie’s ergonomic design includes lumbar support and adjustable armrests that ensures your spine and back muscles are well taken care of. A high tension mesh backrest makes the Cassie breathable, allowing you to sit comfortably throughout the working day.

Fantastic Features

  • Can support a static weight of 150 kg
  • A high tension mesh backrest that includes integrated adjustable lumbar support
  • Includes hard castors and a nylon base
  • A standard upholstered seat made from moulded foam
  • Standard 1D height adjustable arms including soft caps
  • Gas height adjustment
  • Full synchro mechanism

Interested in the Cassie? Enquire about this versatile office chair now!

The Footrest – R659.00 (ex VAT)

The Footrest
Everyone working at a desk for long periods at a time can benefit from using a footrest. Not only does it elevate and keep the feet supported, but it also helps to settle your lower spine into a neutral position. This can help relax your muscles and correctly distribute weight to your torso.

Interested in All Office’s functional footrest? Enquire about its availability today!

The Non-Slip Carpet Protector (Curved) – R454.00 (ex VAT)

The Non-Slip Carpet Protector (Curved)

Worried about your office chair damaging your carpet and leaving indents? Why not invest in a curved carpet protector from All Office? Its spiked bottom is designed to prevent slipping.


  • 1220 x 915 cm

Interested in our curved carpet protector? Enquire about availability now!

Get in touch with All Office for all your office furniture needs in Johannesburg.