Finding the right office chair is more important than you know.

Many people sit behind a desk for most of the time that they are awake, which can put stress on the lumbar region. Sitting in one position for hours on end is likely to make your muscles and joints feel stiff.

When sitting in an office chair for long periods at a time, there is an inclination to slouch down in the chair, which can result in overstretched spinal ligaments and cause strain to the structures of your spine.

Selecting a good ergonomic office chair is critical to prevent health complications such as lower back problems and bad posture.

Below are a few other suggestions to help compliment your office chair and provide you with a healthy working environment.

Each of us sees the world differently depending on our age, the light in the room, and even the work we’re doing. Just because you have enough light to see and read doesn’t mean you have enough to support your eyes’ health. A personal task light is as important as any other tool in your work area.

A comfortable bed is important for your body, but studies show you actually spend more time in your chair. We understand how much sitting asks of our bodies, and we’ve designed the most innovative chairs on earth to meet those needs.

The “turtle” is just one of the awkward positions you can get into when technology gets out of line with your body. Using technology support tools like monitor and keyboard supports can change that, keeping you in harmony with all sorts of equipment and whatever device is invented next.

Your body’s not designed to stay in one place all day. So if you have to sit, you need a chair that lets you move naturally. And if you can switch between sitting and standing, even better. Fewer aches and pains, fewer doctor visits, and happier employees. Performance tables give you lots to feel good about.


There are a number of features a good ergonomic chair should have.

An ergonomic office chair, when utilised appropriately, can help increase back support and maintain good posture while sitting. There are many different kinds of ergonomic chairs and one size does not suit all. It is essential to adjust the office chair to the proportions of the individual’s body to improve comfort and support the spine.

When looking for a ergonomic chair to suit your needs, keep the following in mind:

  1. Seat height – Your seat height should be easily adjustable.
  2. Good lumbar support – Lower back support in an ergonomic chair is very important. An ergonomic chair should have a lumbar adjustment, both height and depth, so each user can get the proper fit to support the inward curve of the lower back.
  3. Backrest – The backrest should be wide enough and adjustable in height.
  4. Seat width and depth – The seat width and depth needs to support any user comfortably. The tilt of the chair should also be adjustable.
  5. Padding – The seat and back of the chair should have enough padding to be comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time. The material on the chair must also be breathable to ensure that the chair remains cool no matter how long you sit on it.


All Office makes it easier than ever to own an Aeron!

When Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick designed Aeron, they combined a deep knowledge of human-centred design with innovative, never-before-seen technology to deliver a chair unlike any other. Now Aeron has been remastered—ergonomically, functionally, anthropometrically and environmentally for today’s work and workers.

The newly remastered Aeron chair now offers a new experience of sitting with PostureFit SL, adjustable, individual pads stabilise the sacrum and support the lumbar region of the spine to mimic a healthy standing position. For individuals, the chair accommodates the widest possible range of activities and postures people adopt while sitting — from intense upright focus to the relaxed contemplative recline.

With Aeron, materials don’t simply contribute to the appearance of the chair, they are the design. In revisiting Aeron for the demands of today’s work environment, every effort was made to significantly improve upon the comfort and performance of the original, while also creating a beautiful, harmonious look-and-feel through updated colours, materials and finishes.

To meet the needs of the broadest possible set of body types, Aeron was designed in three proportional sizes. This approach to inclusiveness became an integral component of Aeron’s DNA. That is why the new Aeron chair is available in the same, anthropometric A-B-C sizing.

The Aeron’s new features include:

  1. 8Z Pellicle for zonal pressure distribution and aeration.
  2. PostureFit SL for adjustable sacral and lumbar support.
  3. Intuitive adjustments for optimal comfort and customisation.
  4. Holistic material palettes to enhance modern environments.

While the Classic Aeron supported numerous positions and postures, the frame angle of the new chair has been adjusted 1.8-degrees forward to better support the body in the upright position and across a wider range of postures. The new Aeron moves seamlessly to offer proper ergonomic support across a larger variety of tasks.


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