Framery smart pods. For every office.

Framery One Compact

The smart and soundproof office phone booth


Framery One

The smart and soundproof office pod


Framery Four

The smart and soundproof meeting pod for 1-4 people


Framery Six

The smart and soundproof meeting room for teams of up to 6


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For every task. For every office.

The world’s most advanced office pods

Innovative functionalities

Precision sensors, mmWave radar, and adaptive ventilation technology unlock advanced capabilities not found anywhere else.

Intuitive controls

A high-resolution touchscreen makes it easy to control pod settings, adjust lighting and airflow, and extend calendar reservations.

Real-time usage data

Anonymized occupancy data makes it possible for office managers to see when the pods are being used, and enables on-the-fly bookings.

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All about Framery smart pods

Smart pods are advanced soundproof office pods that use technology to provide additional functionalities, such as the ability to sense and respond to environmental conditions, provide occupancy data for optimizing office layouts, and receive over-the-air software upgrades to integrate new features into the future.

Smart pods incorporate advanced technology and connectivity features that normal office pods may not have, while providing equal or superior soundproofing to traditional “non-smart” office pods.

Framery smart pods feature automated lighting and ventilation, occupancy detection, and collect data on pod usage which can be analyzed to optimize office space utilization and user experience.

Framery makes the most sustainable office pods in the world.

Framery smart pods are designed and built sustainably – using less materials overall and favoring aluminum and steel over wood. The result is a pod that is 25% lighter, making them easier to ship, build, and move.

The new modular, more durable design, and replaceable elements, means that Framery smart pods have a longer lifespan. And recycling at the end of the pod’s lifecycle is even easier due to the materials used.

There is great indoor air quality of all Framery pods that goes beyond standards set by regulations.

Framery smart pods come with GreenGuard Gold certification.

All Framery products are GreenGuard certified.