Framery Smart pods

The new Framery smart pods have been designed to make every
part of your workday better – from effortlessly locating and
reserving pods to maximizing productivity throughout your day.
Like the Framery pods before them, they are a blend of style,
functionality, and sustainability – all enhanced by new technology.

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Framery office pods help you create a happier & more productive working environment

Framery’s soundproof office pods, phone booths and private spaces fix noise and privacy issues in open offices. The results speak for themselves as employees are happier and more productive in dozens of the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, Puma and Tesla.

Amazingly, 70% of all Forbes top 100 companies use Framery.

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What are the benefits of office pods?

Office pods, also referred to as meeting pods and office booths, can be used for meetings, enhancing individual concentration, or brainstorming and co-creating between small teams. Soundproof pods are private and primed to increase productivity, workplace happiness and provide a range of benefits for your organisation.

Let’s explore some of the benefits soundproof work pods promote in open offices.

office pod productivity


Soundproof work pods enhance concentration by providing the privacy and peace and quiet required to focus on important tasks that can be interrupted by the constant noise in open plan offices.


While open plan offices can enable better collaboration on certain tasks, individuals and smaller teams benefit from private, quiet spaces that eliminate distractions that can interrupt your workflow.


Provide your employees with the freedom to complete important tasks without being overwhelmed by distractions and multitasking. They also promote innovation and enhance creative thinking.


Create a happier for your employees as they take on new challenges and responsibilities and provide your company with many added benefits.

of people have a hard time concentrating in open-plan offices

It takes
20 min
to regain your focus after a small distraction

You are
less productive working in an open-plan office

Happy employees take up to
less sick leave

Used by successful companies that understand happiness

Industry leaders and established global brands use Framery’s soundproof office booths and meeting pods to increase their employee’s happiness – while saving time and space, and maximising productivity and concentration.

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quote on Framery office pods

You can contact us to get a quote for the cost of a Framery office pod. Customize your Framery pod with optional selections including the internal and external colour, table type, seat colour & adjustablility, various optional tech features and more.

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Frequently asked questions
about office pods

Office pods, also known as meeting pods or workpods, are self-contained spaces that provide privacy and isolation from noises and distractions in an office environment.

Office pods come in many shapes and sizes, and may be used by an individual person, or a small team usually ranging from 2-6 people. 

Framery’s designs and supplies 4 types of office pods. Framery One and Framery O are ideal for one person, Framery Q is ideal for 1-4 people, and Framery 2Q is ideal for 4-6 people).

You can contact us to get a quote and specify optional selections to customise your Framery office pod.

Yes. Framery Pods are designed according to very high quality standards and incorporate echo-free acoustics, and in accordance with leading speech level reduction soundproofing standards (ISO 23351-1:2020).