Co-create, brainstorm & meet with up to 6 people

Framery 2Q is a multifunctional soundproof meeting pod that combats a lack of privacy and distractions in open-plan office spaces. With superior sound insulation and echo-free acoustics, you can ensure that your meetings won’t be interrupted or disturb the rest of the office.

Surround yourself with industry-leading design and unmatched quality while you focus on important tasks, meetings and co-creation.

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Tech Specs


222 cm x 235 cm x 280 cm (h, w, d)
87.3 in x 92.5 in x 110.4 in (h, w, d)


950 kg / 2094 lb (without furniture)

Air flow

100 l/s


29 dB (Speech Privacy Level according to ISO-23351-1 testing method)


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