Office Reception

Make First Impressions Count With Our Reception Furniture

First impressions are formed in the first few seconds of meeting a person. The same can be said about your business. What your customer or client sees when he walks through your doors is the impression of your business he will form. It literally takes seconds. Long before he has even realised what he is seeing, he has formed an impression. Businesses are often led to believe that the price, the speed and convenience of [...]

What to Consider When Buying New Office Furniture for Your Office

Whether you’re about to furnish your brand new office premises or are looking to revive your existing office space, new office furniture can make a huge difference. There are many things to consider when buying new office furniture, from the practicality and comfort of your selection to their style and appearance. Here’s a guide on how to weigh up your choices when buying office furniture. Appearance Appearance may sound like a superficial factor to consider, [...]

Use These Tips for an Impressive Office Reception Area

Your office reception area is a place for first impressions. It is usually the first space your clients and guests experience when visiting your business, and thus sets the tone for the rest of their visit. Make sure that it is a warm and inviting space that puts your office in the best light. Here are our top 5 tips for an impressive and welcoming office reception area. Colour and lighting Colours and lighting go [...]