#WorkWell: Six Time Management Hacks to Boost Job Performance

6 Time Management Hacks

Do you ever feel like there are so many things you need to accomplish in a day that there’s just no way you can do it all? You’re not alone. Time management is a valuable life skill that can help add structure and order to every area of your life. When it comes to job performance, time management is often critical to staying on top of busy workloads and achieving your daily or weekly goals. When you prioritise work tasks by order of importance, you can get a lot more done – and minimise stress in the process.

A lack of effective time management can take a toll on both your job performance and your general wellbeing. For example, you may find that you are producing poorer quality work, missing more deadlines, experiencing high levels of stress or disruption to your work-life balance – all of these things can have a negative effect on your job performance as well as your sense of confidence and accomplishment.

6 Time Management Hacks - What Is It

So, what does time management actually entail?

Time management refers to the strategy of mapping out the time or hours you have available and allocating a set amount of time to certain tasks so that you can work more efficiently. Some people have a natural propensity to time management but for others, it might take a bit more practice. Keep reading to discover practical tools and tips that can support you along the way.

Six Time Management Hacks to Put into Action

1. Use a time planner

Using a time management tool can be extremely helpful for organising and structuring your time. While traditional time planners, like loose-leaf binders for instance, may still be your preferred method, today there are hundreds of digital time management tools and apps available to choose from.

2. Create a master list

When it comes to productivity, lists can help you gain a better overview of everything you need to achieve so that you can start formulating your time plan. In fact, it is believed that having a list can help increase efficiency by up to 25% which would mean that you are essentially unlocking two additional hours of productive time within an eight-hour work day.

Use a time planner which lets you create a master list that can capture individual tasks, goals or required actions. This will then become the foundation of your time-planning system as you allocate individual tasks to various times or days from your master list.

6 Time Management Hacks - Organise

3. Organise according to priority and allocate time limits

Once you know what you have to achieve, the next step is identifying which tasks are the most urgent. To do this, organise your master list according to what is most important to least important so you know where to start. This list is the guide you will refer to and update every morning, providing you with a blueprint of the day ahead.

Don’t forget to set time constraints to specific tasks to ensure that you are spending your time productively and working smartly. A lack of time limits makes it harder to manage your time effectively and achieve your most important goals for the day.

4. Set SMART goals

Need a little help with defining your objectives for the week or day ahead? Make sure the targets you’ve set are measurable and achievable. Use the SMART system to check that the goals you’ve set are:  

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

5. Organise your workspace

When it comes to boosting productivity levels and managing your time like a pro, it’s important to maintain strong organisation from the get go to avoid extra time going to waste. From having the right filing systems to a clutter-free office desk, your environment plays a huge role in your ability to focus. Having a dedicated work space that is free from as many distractions as possible can help improve motivation as well as concentration ­– two of the key factors for boosting job performance.

Wondering how to create the perfect home office? Be sure to check out our handy resources:

6. Boost productivity with ergonomic office furniture 

Did you know that workplace ergonomics significantly affect your productivity? Ergonomic office furniture reduces pain and discomfort while working, both of which can hinder your job performance. In addition, individuals who use ergonomic office furniture tend to make fewer errors. This is because being comfortable while working helps to increase concentration. By comparison, when you are uncomfortable, you are more easily distracted which often leads to errors that could have been avoided.

Plus, when you are comfortable while you’re working, you tend to experience less fatigue and muscle aches which ultimately slows you down and decreases your output as well as mental agility.

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