What Affects the Price of an Office Pod?

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Companies are doing their best to attract the best talent and get employees to return back to the office after a long time spent working partly or entirely remotely. How the office is designed and furnished with state-of-the-art solutions has a great effect on employees’ willingness to spend time in person at the workplace. Meanwhile, the modern office needs to be equipped with tools that facilitate videoconferencing and co-operation between remote workers and people who spend most of their time at the office. 

Many companies have started to invest in smart office solutions, such as soundproof office pods, to make their working environments more alluring to workers. Office pods and booths are a great addition to every office, especially open offices and workplaces where employees can flexibly work part of the time from home and some days at the office. However, not all office solutions are created equal, and saving at the wrong place will result only in a working environment that does not fulfill its functions.

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What affects the price of an office pod?

There are a number of aspects that can influence the cost of a soundproof office pod for a single user or a larger booth for small teams. By investing in quality rather than choosing simply the cheapest alternative, the pods and booths will not remain unused but actually provide value for employees instead. Some of the most important factors influencing the price of an office pod are its materials, soundproofing qualities, ventilation, lighting, and customizability for the office.

  • Materials. First-class materials ensure that the pod not only works as it should but that it also lasts in use and fits right into the design of the office. In addition to providing excellent soundproofing, as well as the right look and feel, the materials of Framery office pods are carefully chosen to fulfill the strictest of safety standards. No hazardous or flammable materials are used in the pods, so they are safe even in prolonged use.
  • Soundproofing and acoustics. One of the most important features of a Framery office pod is its superior soundproofing qualities. In order to provide a sufficient level of sound insulation, the pod should not only muffle distracting sounds but block them out altogether. As long as external noise can be heard, it will still cause a significant distraction. According to a study conducted by the Turku University of Applied Sciences, out of the top-selling office pods, the Framery O was the only one to provide the required level of sound reduction at 30,3 dB. With the right balance of sound-absorbing materials and surfaces that reflect sound waves, Framery pods also have excellent acoustics inside the pod.
  • Ventilation and lighting. If the booth is used for a prolonged period of time, it needs to be sufficiently ventilated. However, if the ventilation is not designed and built well, the noise level inside the pod will make it unusable. Framery is the pioneer of soundproof office pods and has the most years of experience in the industry. This is why Framery pods provide excellent ventilation that enables even long sessions inside the pod.
  • Customizability. Soundproofed pods are not a one size fits all solution. In addition to providing pods and booths of different sizes, Framery lets you design your own pod to ensure that it is just the right one for the office. Design your own Framery office pod and request a quote.
  • Environment. In addition to the quality of materials used in Framery pods, we have chosen alternatives that are also environmentally friendly, including FSC or PEFC-certified birch plywood from Finland and neighboring countries, acoustic foam made from mostly recycled materials, as well as steel, aluminum, and glass that are largely recycled. On top of that, the energy consumption of Framery pods is designed to be as efficient as possible, ranging from 13-42 W depending on the model.
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Why Framery?

By using price as the only criterion for choosing the right brand of office pods, you have to make sacrifices when it comes to the quality of the product. All Framery office pods are built in our Finnish factory by real experts with industry-leading materials and years of expertise.

With Framery, you are paying for long-lasting quality instead of the brand. Provide employees with enough office pods and transform the workplace into an environment where they want rather than have to spend time.

Still concerned about the prices of soundproof office pods, such as the Framery One? Office pods can in fact be an excellent investment and an alternative to expensive office reconstruction projects. 

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