Trending Colours for Your Spring Office Make-over

Trending Colours for Your Spring Office Make-over

Trending Colours for Your Spring Office Make-over:

One of the best ways to prepare for a new season is to plan an office make-over. For businesses, the start of Spring often coincides with a new project or venture, and an office or brand redesign can wonderfully reflect a fresh new direction. An office make-over doesn’t need to include a complete overhaul – a simple change in colour can provide a great different to an office while remaining relatively low budget. Choose to simply repaint the walls or take the plunge and furnish your office with colour schemes throughout the furniture and décor for an attractive, effective office make-over.

How to choose the right colours for your office

In our personal spaces, the colours we choose are based on personal favourites. While taste preferences are still relevant, a few more factors play into the colour choices for an office and other work environments. Colours can have an emotional and cognitive effect, which can contribute to the overall mood and feeling of productivity in a space. Certain colours simply work better in offices than others, by stimulating the psychological aspects that are beneficial in a work environment.

Additionally, the colours of an office should reflect the brand identity of the company. This doesn’t mean that a company with a blue and red logo should only use blues and reds in their office; rather, the overall mood of the colour scheme should match with the company’s industry, goals and values. For example, a company that works in construction may choose a metallic and clinical colour scheme rather than natural greens. Choosing from popular colour trends can help a company find a colour scheme for their office that improves office mood and ambience, reflects their brand image and offers a tasteful and stylish interior.

2021 office colour trends

Whether it’s a make-over for a small home studio office or a large corporate department office, here are the top colour trends for Spring 2018 that can improve the office space.

Ultra violet

Ultra violet is Pantone’s official colour of the year. Red and blue are starkly contrasting colours, but they fuse together to form the vibrant, dramatic ultra violet. The hue is known to energise and inspire, and communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking. Used boldly, ultra violet can transform an office into a space of artistic and creative brilliance, while more modest ultraviolet accents can add polish and quiet sophistication.

Serene shades of blue

Calm blue colours are popular in both décor and fashion, with sky blue and turquoise leading the pack. Both shades can be fresh and vibrant, evoking bright ideas, clarity and intuition. Light blues are the colours most linked to creativity in work environments. Subtler, more toned down shades of turquoise and sky blue can help with relaxation and inspiring safety and serenity.

Pretty pinks

While some designers may shy away from the overly-feminised colour, darker and dustier shades of pink are nevertheless popular in interior design. Dusty rose is a barely-there pink that evokes sophistication, combining the classiness of ecru with the vivacity of classic pink. The bolder and brighter the pink, the more energy and confidence it denotes, while softer shades inspire calm and welcoming atmospheres.

Graceful greens

As last year’s Pantone colour, green is still a favourite. Light green is refreshing and revitalising, symbolising fresh thinking and new beginnings. Military green is a popular neutral hue that is perfect for the urban jungle of an office space. Richer greens like emerald suggest opulence and can reduce stress and anxiety.

Sunshine yellow

Vibrant and energising, sunny yellow tones feel organic and cheerful. Yellow can help employees stay upbeat, engaged and enthusiastic, as it is the colour of optimism and energy. However, too much of a bright yellow can lead to anxiety and quick tempers, so it is best kept for small accent areas or paired with blues and creams.

Vibrant reds

Lively reds are guaranteed to make a statement with their bold and entrancing hues. Red can help energise and harmonise a space and is known for stimulating physical effects of energy, heart rate and brain wave activity.

Natural blacks and browns

Rich earthy and chocolate browns are lush, sophisticated and natural. Dark wooden furniture is an excellent way to incorporate shades of brown in an office. Brown can evoke a sense of reliability and resilience as well. Black can feel very heavy as an office colour, but lighter shades like charcoal and caviar black that border on the cusp of grey can create depth, elegance and a sense of formality.

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Trending Colours for Your Spring Office Make-over 
Trending Colours for Your Spring Office Make-over

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