The Benefits of Owning a Certified Ergonomic Electric Desk

Certified Ergonomic Electric Desk

From our point of view, the incredible amount of health benefits that a certified ergonomic electric desk brings makes it a must have for your home or work office. The fact of the matter is that we spend a lot of time working at our desks almost every single day and the repercussions of not taking care of your posture and bodies health can be extremely detrimental. Here is our list of the very best benefits that this new era of ergonomic electric desks can bring you.

Take A Stand:

1.Standing while working has a multitude health of benefits:

How can something so simple like a certified ergonomic electric desk make such a big difference? There has been loads of studies done about the benefits of standing vs sitting, and surprisingly intermittent standing while you work beats sitting every single time.
Standing while you work has proven to lower your risk of gaining weight and helps fight against obesity. Naturally your body burns more calories while your standing compared to sitting, so day after day & month after month that benefit will compound tremendously. Be careful though, you shouldn’t try force yourself to try stand all day while you work, make a mental note to switch from standing and sitting intermittently. Be mindful that you are not putting too much strain on yourself and pay attention to how your body is reacting.

Back pain is by far one of the most common issues amongst the workspaces. Standing while you work has been proven to significantly improve posture & reduce severe back pain. Most people who sit at their desks while working have bad posture which can cause them significant pain every single day. Several studies by PubMed Central were conducted on employees with long term back pain issues. They received very positive feedback with an over 30% improvement in lower back pain and 50% improvement of upper back & neck pain after just 4 weeks of using a sit-to-stand desk.

The list of health benefits continues with many studies and users claiming that prolonged use of an electric sit-to-stand desk can reduce your risk of heart disease, reduce blood sugar levels, and even help you live longer! More studies from PubMed have found a massive correlation between long sitting times & early death. They claim those who sit are at almost a 50% greater risk of dying earlier or developing some sort of health problem attributed to sitting for prolonged periods. The evidence is clear, stand up and fight back against these unnecessary health issues.

With everything in life, balance is key. We are not suggesting that you stop sitting all together, we are saying that in order to maintain a health body you need to alternate between the two and know when you need to get up and also when to rest. You know your body best so listen to the signs and take a pro active approach to improving your health.

2.Improves energy levels and mood significantly:

Electric sit-to-stand desks have a massive positive influence on our well-being. In another one of PubMed’s 7-week study, employees using sit-to-stand desks indicated that they had less stress and fatigue compared to those who were seated during their entire workday.

Furthermore, 87% of those using sit-to-stand desks reported a positive spike in their mood and energy throughout the day. When they were instructed to go back to their old desks, their overall moods went straight back to their original levels before.

3. Improves Mental Focus and Boosts Productivity:

We can often experience mental fatigue, brain fog or just an overall lack clarity when are working rigorous hours.
When you use a sit-to-stand desk it creates movement which improves your bodies circulation & delivers more oxygen to your brain, this results in more attentiveness, focus and improved critical thinking. These factors combined means your productivity could skyrocket up by almost 45%. An improved mental state will go a long way not only for your professional career but also your personal life.

Certified Ergonomic Electric Desk

4. Ergonomic Functionality Through and Through:

Our brand new StepUp desk has an incredible height range going from its lowest setting of 60cm from the floor to the tabletop, which is ideal for young children who are not yet tall enough for standard sized desks, all the way up to 120 cm high from the floor to top at its highest setting.
The sheer versatility means that no matter how short or tall you are, you can set your desk to the absolute optimum height for your body type.
At this point we are sure you’re aware of the vast importance of using ergonomics in your workplace or home office. Pairing your certified ergonomic desk with a certified ergonomic chair is a sure-fire way to combat any negative effects of working 8 plus hours at your desk every day. As a company who prides themselves on supplying functional ergonomic office furniture , we have the perfect resources to help our customers with both.

Certified Ergonomic Electric Desk
StepUp Certified Ergonomic sit-to-stand Electric Desk & Our Top Selling Certified Ergonomic Chair – Cassie

5.Information is Powerful, make the best decision for your health:

As the world of ergonomic furniture continues to develop and grow, so does the awareness around all its health benefits. The main aim is for everyone to be well educated about the matter at hand and for them to make the right decision for themselves, colleagues, and family members. A healthy body & mind should always be a priority so that we can continue to thrive and navigate our professional & personal lives.

Through our informative blogs we hope to spread this useful knowledge so that our past & future clients can make the best decision possible for themselves and hopefully educate other people as well along the way.

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