The benefits and challenges of working from home and how to navigate

The benefits and challenges of working from home and how to navigate

The concept of working from home is not a new one. However, in today’s ‘new normal,’ remote working is fast becoming the norm for many employers and employees across the globe. If you’ve started working from home intermittently or full time having previously operated out of an office or shared workspace, chances are it’s taken some getting used to. And with so many aspects of our day-to-day lives transforming in a post-pandemic world, maintaining productivity levels as well as our own mental and physical well-beings is not always easy. The good news is that with new challenges comes new opportunities.

Navigating the shift to remote working

Working from home unlocks new possibilities in terms of how businesses operate as well as how companies are structured. Some employees may find that they enjoy the flexibility remote working can offer. For employers, they may gain satisfaction knowing that they are aligning with public health responsibilities and allowing staff to work from home as a means of prioritising the health and safety of not only their employees but their clients, too.

Still, working from home is not without its challenges. Being able to identify and appropriately respond to challenges is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and positive job performance.  

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What are the benefits of working from home?

Less time spent in commute and less traveling costs  

Possibly two of the most obvious perks that remote working has to offer is of course decreased commute times and travelling costs. And because employees spend less time travelling to and from work, there is often more time available in the day to focus on other activities.

Better work/life balance  

To expand on the point above, employees who are able to fit in more household chores or enjoy more personal/leisure time each day may see an improvement in terms of work-life balance, which can help to lower stress levels and decrease the risk of burnout.

Stress reduction and improved wellbeing

With more time available each day, employees can also enjoy extra health benefits like additional sleep and spending more time preparing healthy meals – as opposed to eating takeout or on the go – or increasing the amount of time they spend exercising each week.

Less sick days

Generally speaking employees who work from home are less likely to have their immune system be negatively impacted by burnout. Plus, working in isolation means less chance of common colds and flus spreading as would be the case in a typical office environment. Of course, the primarily benefit of working from home in the age of COVID is being able to socially distance and decrease one’s risk of exposure to the virus.

A sense of autonomy    

Knowing an employer trusts you to perform your job while at home without supervision may make employees feel more confident and empowered. This sense of autonomy can contribute to the employee’s sense of motivation and willingness to perform at their best.

Flexibility and agility

Working from home comes with a certain amount of freedom and flexibility in terms of how employees structure their work day which may help them feel more agile and productive if they are able to remain focussed and manage their time effectively.

Setting up a home office and wondering where to start?

Check out these resources for practical tips and tricks that can make a world of difference when setting up your home office and working remotely:

What are the challenges of working from home?

The benefits and challenges of working from home and how to navigate - Lack of Routine

Lack of routine   

Remote working may not be well suited to every employee’s personality or ability. Some employees may prefer the structure or routine of working in an office environment as working remotely requires one to better manage their own time in order to remain productive and achieve sufficient output on a day-to-day basis.

TIP: Using time management tools and techniques to help remain on track, maximise productivity and ensure good personal organisation can be a real game-changer when working from home.

Less support and social interaction

Some employees may find it challenging to complete tasks and achieve their goals without face-to-face guidance and support from managers and mentors. Individuals working remotely may feel disconnected from colleagues and their company as a whole. This can also lead to feelings of isolation.

TIP: More regular communication between employees and with employers can help to counteract this. For example, scheduling quick catch ups or check-ins via video call or phone-call can help employees feel like they are part of the team and may help to decrease feelings of isolation while also keeping employees motivated and inspired.

Disruption and distractions

When working remotely, sometimes children and other members of your household can be a distraction – especially if you do not have the privilege of working somewhere calm and quiet within your home or don’t have the space to setup a dedicated home office. In addition, less supervision can sometimes lend itself to increased procrastination and disruptions to one’s concentration.

TIP: If you have the luxury of doing so, we strongly recommend setting up a dedicated workspace at home to help facilitate better output and improved levels of focus throughout your workday.

The benefits and challenges of working from home and how to navigate

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