Stylish Workstations: Which Desk is the Perfect Addition to Your Home Office?

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Stylish Workstations: Which Desk is the Perfect Addition to Your Home Office?

As society continues to adapt to today’s ‘new normal’, working at home is becoming more and more practical for professionals who have the flexibility to go about their business from the safety and comfort of their own living spaces.

Whether you’re building a home office from scratch or simply looking to improve the look and feel – or ergonomics – of an existing workspace, you may be wondering which type of home office desk will be the right fit for you. Fortunately, with the wide range of office furniture available today, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort or style when designing the perfect workspace.

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Choosing the perfect home office desk to integrate into your house or apartment

No home office is complete without the right office desk and with so many options available today, you may be wondering where to start in terms of selecting a desk that caters to all your needs and looks incredible to boot. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the most important considerations to bear in mind when picking out your new office desk


If you have limited space available, it’s a good idea to consider a space-saving office desk that’s designed with storage in mind. For example, our Benchmark range of desks optimise floor space and increase floor usage by up to 30%. Plus, vertical space can be utilised with additional screens and shelves for extra storage.

Benchmark | Office Desk with Pedestal and Credenza

We also stock a variety of home office desks which are both stylish and functional ­– including this nifty Studio Home Desk which is equipped with a wall unit for extra storage, making it a fantastic addition to any small workspace.

Studio Home Office Desk With Wall Unit


TIP: Looking to maximise storage space in your home office? We offer a wide range of storage solutions from wall units to functional cabinets.


Did you know that the shape of your office desk can influence productivity levels within your workspace? For instance, geometric-shaped desks containing straight lines and angles typically promote structure, discipline and order. While more organically-shaped desks tend to be softer and more curvaceous and are believed to induce better communication and creativity. Keep reading to find the desk shape that is best aligned to your goals and workflow needs.

TIP: Looking for an organic-shaped desk? Check out our Waves office desk which features a comfortable, curved L-shape design that is well suited to anyone who wants to bolster creativity in the workplace while ensuring ergonomics and comfort.

Waves | Office Desk

The benefits of different office desk shapes

Rectangular desks

Simple, versatile and ideal for smaller workspaces, rectangular desks are probably the most popular and traditional office desk shape as they tend to integrate with the layout of any room due to the fact that they can be placed along any wall or even in the center of your office space. In addition, rectangular desks can be repurposed for different uses further down the line.

This beautiful rectangular Loop Home Office Desk is a wonderful choice of home office furniture which will look incredible in any workspace – no matter the interior design.

Home Desk | Home Office | Home Office Desk
Home Desk | Our home office desk range provides you with high quality desks at great prices!

If you’re on the hunt for a more adaptable solution that will suit a variety of heights and body shapes, our Elevate sit-to-stand office desk provides the convenience of being able to effortlessly adjust the way you work throughout the day. Sit-to-stand desks have been proven to help reduce spinal shrinkage as well as activate fat-burning enzymes which usually shut down when we are seated for extended periods of time.

Stand Table | Elevate | Height Adjustable Desk | Sit to Stand Desk

L-shaped desks

L-shaped desks are a worthwhile option for individuals who like to spread out or need to have many different objects within arm’s reach. If you want your L-shaped desk to occupy as little space as possible, be sure to place it in the corner of your office.

Leaning desks

If you’re working from a smaller home office, it’s important to choose a desk which occupies as little floor space as possible without compromising on comfort or stylishness. Our Ledge Home Desk is a fantastic leaning desk solution which measures just 800 centimeters wide and 480 centimeters in depth. What makes this nifty desk really impressive is that it doubles up as a shelf to provide much-needed storage space up top, so you can store your essential work items and accessories vertically – not to mention the fact that its sleek, Scandinavian-style black frame is sure to add an element of sophistication to any workspace.

Home Desk | Home Office | Home Office Desk
Home Desk | Our home office desk range provides you with high quality desks at great prices!


Your home office should be a place you enjoy visiting and spending time in. So, naturally it needs to be visually appealing and well-suited to your own discerning taste and preferences.

White and lighter, more neutral colours help to create a more spacious and uplifting work environment, which can be accented with pops of colour. Our Tressle desk is therefore an incredibly versatile pick for your home office as its clean, aesthetic appeal will suit almost any style of decor. Plus, you can introduce some personality and self-expression with desk accessories that can be changed up when and as you see fit.

Tressle | Office Desk | Pedestal | Wall Unit

TIP: If you’re a fan of modern and contemporary aesthetics, be sure to check out our range of Fine Living home office desks. And if you’re seeking additional storage space, we have an extensive range of storage solutions on offer in a variety of styles to integrate with any home office space.


While style is certainly an important factor, your physical comfort should play a huge role in the home office desk that you eventually settle on. Do you have any special health requirements regarding your office desk and chair? For instance, you may require the flexibility of movement that is accommodated by a sit-stand desk. Sit-to-stand desks provide many associated benefits of intermittent standing – such as reduced back pain and improved focus and productivity.


Of course, you can also purchase a height-adjustable desk or consider adding a footrest beneath your office desk to elevate your feet. Introducing a footrest can help keep your lower spine in a neutral position, relax your muscles and distribute your torso weight correctly to reduce unnecessary discomfort and physical strain experienced while working at your desk.

Footrest | Ergonomics


Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that office ergonomics are any less important. Ergonomics influence how efficiently you are able to function in your environment – from the overall layout and design of a room to the design of individual equipment and objects. Choosing ergonomic office furniture can help limit the amount of discomfort you might experience during your work day using furniture that is not designed with ergonomics in mind.

Office Desk and Chair

Finding a suitable ergonomic match in terms of your office desk will depend on the type of work you do. However, a few important factors to consider include having sufficient leg room beneath your desk’s surface to allow you to bend and move your legs freely, as well as having ample storage space and room for you to arrange the items you need on your desk without causing it to feel cluttered.

TIP: Designing an ergonomic home office space? If your job requires you to be seated for long periods of time, you may want to consider equipping your workspace with one of our ergonomically certified office chairs. The advantage of having an ergonomic chair is that it can be shifted and tilted to suit your individual needs and provide you with much-needed spinal support to take the pressure off of your shoulders and other parts of your body.

Motion Chair | Certified Ergonomic Chair | Home Office Chair

Our Motion Black Ergonomic Chair has been designed for long-term usage and comes with an 8-year warranty to give you peace of mind. It features a sliding seat to ensure the best sitting experience for a wide range of body heights as well as a self-adjusting mechanism to provide optimum back support and balance.

Now that you’ve considered the four most important factors when choosing the perfect office desk, you can start browsing our extensive range of office furniture for delivery to your home.


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