Space Saving Office Design Ideas

Space Saving Office Design Ideas

Having a functional and space-optimized office provides a positive first impression for all clients visiting your premises. Applying functional ergonomics together with space saving techniques will also improve employee productivity.

Space saving office design is as much trendy as it is functional, and has gained popularity over the years.

While the aim is to improve functionality, the by-products are productivity and a pleasing office aesthetic.

Maximising the space in your office will create several benefits, provided the space is utilised in a smart manner with ergonomics in mind.

How to design your office space with space saving ideas in mind

When you design or redesign your office space, it’s important to keep the space of each employee in mind, as well as their specific operational needs within the business.
As you design the office space, think of these 3 things:

  1. The flow of the office.
  2. How employees relate to one another.
  3. How employees work together within the office.

Create a space that allows employees to work freely and comfortably, while enabling them to complete their work in an optimal environment.

In order to do this, workers can make use of some space saving tips.

Create shared work environments

In previous years, each employee had their own private space to work in, especially upper management. Things have evolved and shared workspaces have been embraced due to trends and financial constraints.

Managers are no longer segregated but find themselves at the centre of the work force, allowing employees easy access for feedback and brainstorming.

The rise of shared workspaces has led to the increase in interaction between employees and management – bridging the gap and increasing productivity and workplace relations.

Management has the opportunity to bond with the team, have informal conversations about work related issues and be more connected on an employee level.

Use less paper

As the digital age has taken over, there has been a natural progression towards using less paper as we make use of digital devices such as hard drives and cloud options for storage.

As a result, desk space can be cleared up and office storage solutions can be minimized and optimized for essential documents only in one central location.

Declutter your office space

Providing your employees with functional office furniture and storage options gives them the opportunity to declutter their workstations.

Allow your creativity to take over as you think outside the box and take advantage of alternative storage solutions such as wall mounted shelves or multi-functional furniture options.

Emphasize light and open space

As most of us spend our working day indoors, it’s essential to remove anything that blocks natural sunlight from entering the office. Natural light has been shown to increase positive thoughts and gives the illusion of more space.

When creating the layout within an office, position desks close to windows as this maximises the view of the outdoors. Place office furniture in a way that employees have enough space to move around freely.

Consider flexible workspaces and schedules

Dependent on industry and work demands you could introduce spaces where employees can collaborate in a bigger setting.

These settings can prove to add to productivity for large scale projects with tight deadlines and provides a place to work more cohesively.

Alternatively, if you find your office running at capacity most days but not enough to expand, consider mandatory work-from-home days on a rotating schedule.

Many employees would jump at the flexibility of this option and it allows employers the opportunity to save on rent during a transition phase.

Promote and prioritize cleanliness

Any messy space can feel stifling and out of control. Encourage your employees to keep their work areas free and clear of unnecessary clutter and facilitate this by providing them with various storage options in and around the office.

If your company requires a large volume of paper storage, move this away from employees in a dedicated storage room with the necessary office furniture such as filing cabinets and wall units. In doing so you can improve the appearance of the office without compromising necessary paperwork.

Get smart with your office furniture

Use smart office furniture to help you optimize the space in your office. Purchase desks with built in storage space to encourage employees to maintain their clutter free workstations. Alternatively, storage options can be provided against the wall.

Using a modular storage system for files, books and other documents can free up plenty of space in your office. Modern modular storage systems have a sleek and decorative look and add to the overall style of the office. When arranged correctly, these storage solutions can create a focal point within the office.

You can free up desk space by making use of various office accessories such as monitor arms, laptop stands and laptop platforms. These products can create instant space and is particularly useful for co-working spaces as you can easily move around as needed.
Speak to an All Office consultant if you’re interested in space saving solutions for your office. We can guide you with appropriate office furniture solutions to assist you.



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