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If you’re looking for office chairs, office furniture, or anything office-related for that matter, we have the most comprehensive range to suit your needs and/or big office ideas.

If you’re working from home, we can offer you top quality home office furniture, from home office tables, studio desks & chairs to study tables & student desks.


From affordable chairs that cost R900, to top of the range chairs at R20’000, our range will most certainly satisfy your needs.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for 1 office chair with ergonomic technologies and a standing desk, or you’re part of a corporate leader with expansive taste and the money to back it – we’ve got you covered in every sense.

We service most of Africa from our beautiful showroom and warehouse in Cape Town, where our tightly knit operation takes place.

Our dedicated team of trained office-fitting professionals will take special care of you. Some of our team have been servicing our clients for over 25 years, so they’ll hold your hold through the process, and make sure you come out happy and within budget. We also even offer rental finance on furniture if required.

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Contact us today. If you can’t get down to our showroom, you can download one of our brochures, and we’ll contact you to discuss your needs and options.

Today is the day you get to enjoy dealing with a leader in the furniture industry, that still strives for excellent service.

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All Office was established in 1978 and has become synonymous with the supply of ergonomically designed office furniture.

We listen, we care, and we continue to uphold our long standing tradition of not only meeting but exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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We also offer rent to own finance. So if your cashflow doesn’t allow it right now, we’ll help you get that item you want, and pay it off. After all, looking professional with your clients is important, right!? More info on our finance here

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    The Importance of High-Quality Office Furniture

    Office Furniture

    Why it’s Important to Have the Right Office Furniture

    Your choice of office furniture can have an impact on the productivity and the morale of the people who use it.

    Therefore, office furniture should tick a lot of boxes. Whether you need to furnish your home office or your employees’ workspace, you need office furniture that works. Additionally, the furniture in your office should reflect your personal, or your company’s, style.

    With the vast variety of office furniture available, you are spoilt for choice when choosing the most suitable office furniture for you. We break down the different types of office seating, office desks, and workspaces to help you make the right choice for you and your business.

    A Brief Guide to Office Chairs

    With the large variety of office chair options, but it’s important to find one that meets all your seating needs. A high-quality office chair can greatly increase your productivity and overall well being.

    Let’s break down the different types of office seating solutions.

    Executive Office Furniture: Chairs

    If you’re looking for optimal comfort and functionality, an executive office chair is a great choice. An executive office chair will also enhance your office environment as they are as stylish as they are practical.

    Here are some examples of executive office chairs and their features:


    Napoli - Executive Chair - Office Furniture

    Enhance your office environment with the Napoli’s stylish and functional linear design.

    This executive office chair features a stylish and sleek ergonomically shaped backrest to ensure maximum comfort and back support. Its Synchro mechanism allows you to move and adjust the backrest and seat simultaneously, while you work.

    The Napoli’s adjustable backrest can be set to five different positions. This allows you to lean back and rest your neck. Its distinctive geometric backrest design creates the perfect angles to support your body in the correct places.

    Generously sized, the Napoli features a lightweight aluminium frame shell. Its wide seat and backrest provide enough space for your hips and thighs. This improves circulation to your legs and provides healthy comfort and balanced support for your body.

    The features of the Napoli allow freedom of movement. This encourages you to change your position and posture often, while keeping you comfortable and productive.

    The Napoli is the ultimate executive office chair, enquire now.


    Turin - Executive Office Furniture Chair

    The Turin executive office chair is sure to make a lasting impression with its distinctive style.

    The Turin chair series is designed using a fully moulded shell that echoes the S-curve of your spine. This ensures that your spine and the rest of your body is supported correctly

    Has the Turin executive office chair caught your eye? Enquire now.

    Transform your office into an equally stylish and productive work environment with an executive office chair.

    Check out our full range of executive office chairs.

    Managerial Office Furniture Chairs

    Stylish, affordable and practical, managerial office chairs are a great office seating solution. Managerial office chairs are compact enough to allow optimal mobility, even in smaller office spaces. These chairs often feature breathable materials, while also promoting good posture. With a variety of elegant design options, you are sure to find a managerial office chair to enhance your office environment.

    You can’t go wrong with a managerial office chair. Especially when it comes to functionality, practicality and style.

    For our full managerial office chair range, click here.

    Operators and Typist Office Chairs

    For optimal value for money, operators and typist office chairs are the way to go.

    Here are some examples of operators and typist office chairs and their features:


    Accent - Executive Office Furniture Chair

    The Accent was designed for long term usage. Its uniquely designed high tension backrest provides you with the support you need to get through even the longest days at the office. This office chair will add a distinguished look to your office space, while still offering optimal comfort and support.

    Here are some of the standard features of the Accent:

    • High tension mesh backrest with integrated adjustable lumbar support
    • Standard upholstered moulded foam seat
    • 5-star nylon base with hard castors
    • Height adjustable armrests
    • Single Lock Synchro mechanism
    • 150kg standard weight allowance

    The Accent is an Ergonomically Certified chair. This means that the Accent offers optimal back support to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. The support provided by an ergonomic chair is beneficial to your health as your spine is adequately supported, even when sitting for long periods of time.

    To learn more about ergonomic office chairs, read our back-support article.

    If you would like to find out more about the Accent managerial office chair, enquire now.


    Barron - Managerial Office Furniture Chair

    The Barron features an above-average size seat and backrest for additional comfort, especially for taller users. The armrests are height adjustable to keep your whole body adequately supported throughout the day.

    This managerial office chair has a high-tension mesh backrest, complete with adjustable built-in lumbar support.

    The standard features of the Barron are:

    • Upholstered moulded foam seat
    • Five-star nylon base with hard castors
    • Full synchro mechanism
    • 1D height adjustable arms with soft caps
    • 180 kg weight allowance

    You can, however, personalise the Barron to suit any additional needs you might have. These optional features are:

    • Soft castors
    • Adjustable headrest
    • Polished Aluminium base

    The Barron has your back! It’s an Ergonomically Certified chair and therefore offers the needed support for your back to keep you and your body happy, healthy and productive.

    If you’d like to find out more about the Barron, click here.

    Econo Typist

    Econo - Typist Office Furniture Chair

    The classic Econo Typist office chair offers the best value for money in its category. Simple, yet sophisticated, this basic office chair will fit in with many office designs. Here are some of its key features:

    • Five-star nylon base with hard castors
    • Clutch mechanism
    • Upholstered foam backrest and seat
    • Gas height adjustment

    For more info on the Econo Typist, enquire now.

    Check out our full range of operators and typist office chairs.


    Switch - Typist Office Furniture Chair

    This Switch office chair features a comfortable mesh backrest supports you throughout the workday.

    Some of the Switch office chair’s specifications:

    • A waterfall seat with an inner honeycomb structure that offers you unparalleled long-term sitting comfort
    • Its components are over 65% recyclable
    • Swivel and tilt mechanism with gas tension adjustment
    • Optional draughtsman conversion
    • Mesh or upholstery backrest
    • Nylon or chrome base
    • 65mm castors

    Enquire now for more info on the Switch operators and typist chair.

    Operators and typist office chairs provide great value for your money. This functional range of office chairs are practical, and the variety of colour options will ensure that they fit into the look and feel of your office.

    To view our full range of operators and typist office chairs, click here.

    Find the Best Office Chair for You

    Your unique needs and preferences will determine which office chair is the best choice for you. It ultimately comes down to finding a chair that compliments your office’s design, supports your body, and increases your productivity.

    The Next Office Furniture: Choose an Office Desk

    Like with office chairs, you are spoilt for choice with many modern office desks to choose from. The right office desk will help you create a workspace that enhances your creativity and increases your productivity.

    The office desk ranges listed below will help you find the most suitable desk for your home office or office workspace.

    Executive Office Furniture: Desks

    Office desks in the executive range are as impressive as they are practical. These desks help you make a statement with bold design while having ample storage space to optimise productivity.


    Legacy - Office Furniture

    The Legacy office desk’s strong lines and bold design is sure to make a lasting impression. It provides you with enough storage space without sacrificing elegance.

    To find out more about the modern Legacy office desk, enquire now.

    High-quality executive office desks are impressive without sacrificing practicality. If you want to make a lasting impression on anyone who enters your office, then an executive office desk is perfect for you.

    Managerial Office Desks

    The practicality of managerial office desks will ensure optimal productivity. These desks are highly customisable when it comes to storage space, work surface size, colour, and finishes. This allows you to get the most out of your office space, even if it is on the smaller side.

    The following two desks are examples of high-quality managerial office desks:

    Image line

    Image Line Office Furniture

    The Image line office desk features a spacious, post formed, veneer top for an uninterrupted work surface, that is supplemented by the contrasting links.

    The links that connect the work surfaces, maximises the surface area as all the linking edges are form-joined to make one continuous work surface.

    Combined with optimal storage space, this desk will help you be as productive and efficient as possible. Your desk will stay organised and clutter-free, even on your busiest office days.

    Enquire now to find out more about the Image line.


    Heritage Executive Office Furniture

    Managerial DeskManagerial Desk

    The Heritage office desk is highly customisable to fit any office space. This affordable high-quality desk combines a modern and stylish design with practicality.

    The components of this managerial office desk can be arranged to suit your specific office needs.

    To find out more about the Heritage, enquire now, and we’ll answer all your questions.

    Managerial office desks are a great option if you have a smaller office or if you are working with an unconventional office space. These desks are affordable, highly customisable and sure to increase productivity.

    Sit-to-Stand Office Desks

    Height adjustable standing desks and work surfaces have great benefits for your health and productivity.

    Sit-to-Stand desks have many benefits:

    • Significant decrease in the severity of back pain and discomfort
    • Reduced spinal shrinkage is found if you stand for periods during the day
    • Overall discomfort decreases by an average of 62%
    • Injuries and illnesses related to office seating is reduced by more than 50%
    • Productivity is increased because you take fewer breaks
    • The desks are adaptable to suit employees of various heights and body types
    • Disabilities and back conditions can be accommodated
    • Avoids fat-burning enzymes from shutting down due to sitting for long periods of time

    To find out more about the benefits of sit-to-stand desks, read our article.

    Let’s look at an example of a sit-to-stand desk and its features:

    Choose the Right Office Desk for You

    Your office desk should reflect success, be practical, increase productivity and make office work an overall pleasant experience. There are options to suit every need, it is just about finding the right one for you.

    Click here to view our full range of office desk solutions.

    High-Quality Office Furniture Will Increase Productivity

    High-quality office furniture is a true investment. It increases your, and your employees’, productivity. A well-designed office will also boost morale as it creates a positive and attractive work environment. Spending time to find the right office furniture will be beneficial, as each office and individual has different needs.

    We’re a Leading Office Furniture Supplier

    When it comes to high-quality office furniture, All Office will find your perfect match.

    Visit our Cape Town Showroom and let us help you find office furniture that meets all your office needs.

    Or, contact us today and we’ll answer all your office furniture questions.


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