Office Furniture Accessories

Office Furniture Accessories

Office furniture accessories can make the difference between a functional office and an office that promotes better functionality and productivity. Apart from the essentials of a desk and chair, an office can benefit from a few additional furniture items. If you favour a minimalist office design, furniture accessories can be sleek and space-saving while adding a touch of sophistication to the space. More creative or busy office spaces can use furniture accessories to add form, colour and flavour to the office. Whatever your preferred style, an office accessory or two is a great addition to your office.

Our Favourite Office Furniture Accessories

From form to function, there are many reasons to opt for a choice selection of office furniture accessories. Take a look at some of the items you can furnish your office with to improve your work space:

Hat and Coat Stands

What better way to liven up a dull corner of the office than with something attractive and functional at the same time? A hat and coat stand is a great accessory for any office. The wide range of styles available make them suitable for any office style, complementing the other furniture for a cohesive and stylish interior design. Our selection of modular hat and coat stands are available in metallic or wood finishes, adding style and efficiency to the office. For a more modern approach, the Shard coat stand is designed with a bold and graphic aesthetic. The simple bent wire style creates a beautifully decorative piece that doesn’t compromise on structural functionality. Made by naughtone, the Shard looks particularly stunning in contemporary and minimalist office spaces.


Another tasteful addition to an office is a lamp. Standing or suspended lamps can lighten up the space to increase concentration, motivation and productivity, not to mention visibility. A desk lamp can offer the same effect focused in your immediate work area, keeping your desk well-lit. Illuminate your work surface and enjoy the benefits with a lamp for your office desk. Desk lamp functionality can be complemented by a tasteful design to add to the attractiveness of an office space. Our LED desk lamps achieve this duality of appearance and function wonderfully. Available in white or black, these metallic 3 watt LED lamps are the height of elegance and modern sophistication.


Footrests offer ergonomic support to those who sit for extended periods of time during the work day. Footrests elevate and support the feet, promoting healthy blood circulation and better posture. They help place your lower spine in a neutral position, relaxing the muscles and distributing torso weight correctly. This not only improves physical health but also enhances comfort. We offer a footrest that incorporates a sleek black foot pad with triangular steel support structures. This footrest looks great in a contemporary or minimalist office, but its subtle elegance makes it a tasteful choice for any interior.

Carpet Protectors

Another office accessory that offers convenience and functionality is a carpet protector. We supply a curved carpet protector at 1200 x 900 mm in size, as well as a rectangular 1800 x 1200 mm carpet protector. These designs offer excellent grip and traction with their spiked surfaces, allowing chairs to roll or shift over them without causing any damage to them or the carpet beneath. Protectors for hard flooring are also available, including the plastic protector with no spikes in a curved 1200 x 900 mm size.

Add Interest and Convenience to Your Office

Office furniture should always have a distinct purpose. Whether it’s through improved comfort, better storage or accessibility, or just an additional convenience, office furniture accessories can make your work day a little easier. And with our tasteful office accessories, you can find something that perfectly suits the style and mood of your office, from fun and colourful to sleek and elegant, or anything in between. Why not contact All Office today for more information about our exciting range of office furniture accessories?

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