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Your office desk is, at times, your island keeping you afloat in a sea of due dates. It’s where your work life could flourish or falter. Thankfully, you can ensure the best outcome with a little help. In a few steps, you’ll be able to turn your workstation into your fortress and source of inspiration.

Match Your Office Desk to Your Occupation

First, get the base right. You need an office desk that suits what you do. Typist to graphic designer, engineer or call centre operator; all have a surface, shape and material secretly befit to them.

Executive Office Desk: Executives & Management

Executive desks are the largest and most impressive of all workstations. These tables are made from exceptionally high-quality materials by expert craftsmen. An executive desk is impeccable and highly presentable from every angle – ideal for creating a lasting impression on clients. The beautifully designed desk with drawers needs to be the centre of attention. Place it in the middle of the office while allowing seating space on either side of the desk for clients and yourself. Perfect for CEOs, psychiatrists, executives. Imressive contemporary executive office desk with a white ergonomic chair SHOP THE EXECUTIVE RANGE

L-Shape: Managerial

For those looking for ample desk and storage space that can also double as a client meeting place – the L-shape is your solution. The unique slender and versatile shape can work in various layouts; as a standalone unit or in a corner. Ideally suited to those who need more desk space: graphic designers, engineers and managerial employees. Bright office with a white and dark laminate office desk and cabinet, red accessories and a plant SHOP THE MANAGERIAL RANGE

Modular Office Desk: Collaborative Teams

Modular desks are made with an open-plan office in mind. These desks are like Lego for adults. You can configure them to suit your office culture and function. Apt for larger offices with a highly collaborative team and colleagues who have to communicate often, like marketing teams, typists and creatives. Modular and sectional office desks perfect for large, oen plan offices SHOP THE SYSTEM RANGE

Reception Desks: Receptionists

The reception counter is an essential piece of furniture as its where clients first meet your company in person. Get a desk you can be proud of, one that offers a comfortable workplace for the receptionist and adds visual appeal to your entryway. Blond wood reception desk wth white detail SHOP THE RECEPTION RANGE

Height Adjustable Desks and Desk Converters: Health-Conscious Employees

Office desk design is evolving. Height adjustable desks and standing desk converters have joined the furniture family, and can alleviate pains and aches associated with working in an office. The benefit of these desks is twofold – it can improve health and company culture. An adjustable surface encourages movement in the workplace. The revolutionary design lets employees easily switch between sitting and standing throughout their workday to stay as healthy as possible. Sit-to-stand office desk perfect for a healty posture SHOP HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESKSSHOP SIT-STAND DESK CONVERTERS

Promote Good Energy with a Good Office or Study Desk

Did you know you could boost your office desk design with help from the east? Feng shui, the study of energy encourages clutter-free living and efficiency. Good desk design aims to create a place where you will want to spend time in and that lets you do what you’re good at, without distraction. Each bit helps, especially if you spend many hours sedentary at work. Consider three aspects of desk design before buying: material, shape and colour. Colourful modular office desks in an open plan office

Office Desk Material

Choose your material wisely. Wood, glass, laminate and metal are all excellent choices. However, the natural element – wood – reigns supreme as having natural, vibrant energy. The coolness of steel can aid clear thought while the transparency of glass can lead to distraction but may encourage a free-flow of ideas.

Ideal Shape

The shape best suited to you depends on how you work and what type of work you do.


Did you know that colour can influence your mood? Some hues could even make you more productive! When setting up your office space, make sure that you add contrasting or complementary colours to balance the overall look and feel of the area.

10 Elements Your Office Desk Design Needs

After you’ve chosen your office or study desk, it’s time to move on to the décor. Some items can bolster and balance your mood while others help to keep your posture healthy.

1. An Air-Purifying Plant

Plants can do wonders for the mind and body. Not only is greenery a pleasure to look at, it can also clear the air of pollutants. One of the most impressive air-purifiers is the palm species. They can filter out chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, xylene and chloroform, among others! Most palms are relatively easy to tend to and can flourish quickly. Place your green friend in a beautiful pot, preferably in a colour that promotes productivity or concentration and care as per the instructions.

2. Effective Office Desk Storage

Clutter is the root of most (if not all) office evils. Avoid cluttering your desk and mind by keeping decor minimal, tidying up at the end of the day and incorporating smart storage.

3. Height-Adjustable Monitor

A tidy desk surface is half the battle won. Make your office desk as functional and ergonomic as possible by pairing it with a height-adjustable monitor. Fortunately, it’s easy. Simply follow the steps below and sit or stand up straight. Illustration of the correct distance from your eyes to the screen and typing angle
  • Position your screen 50-60cm from your eyes
  • Your screen should be slightly below eye level
  • Adjust your chair or the desk’s surface so that your arms are at a 90° angle when typing
Note: If you can switch from sitting to standing, your screen, arms and screen-to-eye distance should stay the same.

4. Mouse Pad

A mouse pad, especially one with a colorful print, could improve life at the office. Comfy, ergonomically designed mousepads provide padding and support for your wrist throughout the day.

5. Something Personal

Add a personal touch to your desk just because it makes you feel good – a picture, favorite book or trinket that makes you happy.

6. A Notepad

Keep a notebook on your desk or in your desk drawer to jot down your thoughts, the highlights of a meeting or to brainstorm. Using pen and paper could help clear mental clutter, and gives you a break from the computer screen. Choose a beautiful notebook that is a delight to open.

7. Stationery

You need pens for that notepad. If you are creative, stock up on the basic colours you need to splash out when you’re feeling inspired. Most importantly, ensure that you have the stationery you need without going overboard.

8. Task Lighting

Contemporary offices have sufficient lighting, but your own task light can reduce eye strain and enhance productivity in return. Plus, a statement table lamp will make your desk look good. Ergonomic chair with blue and white upholstering in a green and white home office

Comfort-Enhancing Office Desk Extras

Making the most of your office desk goes beyond design and décor. Your comfort and posture rely, in part, on your desk chair, and how often you move. If you want the ultimate in office comfort, you need to add a few additional items.

An Ergonomic Desk Chair & Footrest

Don’t let back pain get in the way of performing. Ergonomic desk chairs have specialised lumbar support that reduces muscle fatigue and aches associated with sitting. Adding a footrest to the mix will ensure that your feet are elevated, your spine is in its neutral position and your muscles are relaxed. Shop Office ChairsShop Footrest

2. Sit-Stand Desk Converter & Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you work in an office, the chances are that you sit most of the time. Unfortunately, sitting can be detrimental to your health as it may harm your heart, shorten your life, and increase the risk of diabetes. The good news is that moving more can curtail this fate. Alternating between sitting and standing every 30 minutes can drastically reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. A sit-to-stand desk or a desk converter encourages movement with its easy-to-adjust mechanism. Remember to lighten the pressure on your feet by standing on an anti-fatigue mat.

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