How to Upgrade Your Study – Step by Step

Do you have a study at home which you’d like to make more functional, comfortable or aesthetically pleasing? Whatever your goal, if you are in the business of upgrading your study area or home office, we can help. In fact, we’ve put together our top tips for creating the ultimate study room. So, keep reading to discover how you can transform yours from ‘entry-level’ to exceptional. 

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How to upgrade your study in five easy steps:

1. Make sure you have the right desk

No study is complete without the right study desk. We’d go as far as to say that having the right study desk and chair is the first step to creating a space which is both functional and comfortable.

Start by defining what your study will be used for and the nature of your space – will it function as a home office? Does it need to accommodate technology or equipment like a computer, printer, or something else? These considerations will help to determine what type of study desk will be best suited to your needs. For example, if your study is quite small in size, you may want to consider compact office desks for small spaces. Or, if you need to store additional equipment and accessories, opt for a desk with built-in storage space like the Value Collection Trace Desk (pictured below).

Upgrade Your Study

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2. Invest in a comfortable office chair

Another key component to the perfect study is the right chair. Having an ergonomic office chair means that you will likely spend more time at your office desk. This is because ergonomic chairs are not only more comfortable but they help to reduce any strain your body experiences while seated, which can help to boost productivity and concentration.

Need more guidance? Learn more about the importance of ergonomic office chairs and find out how to pick the most appropriate office chair for your needs – based on the expert advice of South Africa’s first Certified Professional Ergonomist.

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3. Get the lighting just right

Did you know that workspaces with more natural light tend to improve productivity levels? A good study or home office should therefore have plenty of natural light as well as ambient lighting which can be used to add warmth and brighten the space when natural light is limited. To achieve this, you can place a study lamp on your desk, or a floor lamp near to your work space.

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4. Use storage units to keep things organised

Clutter is never conducive to an efficient work area. Your study should be a place of productivity and inspiration so it’s a good idea to implement an organisation system that works for you. Keeping your study well-organised and tidy will help to limit distractions and improve efficiency. We recommend introducing a storage unit to your space, which will allow you to store everything you need in a way that is orderly and easy to access.   

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5. Add some flair and personality with decorative accents

Breathe life into your study and ensure that it’s a room you look forward to being in with the right decorative accents. Adding a few personal touches – such as your favourite photographs or wall art – will help make the space feel like your own. You may also want to add more style and sophistication to your space through the use of texture, colour or patterns which inspire you. For example, a beautiful carpet or rug can alter and enhance your space in an instant. Speaking of which, we’ve got a fantastic blog post dedicated to helping you choose the perfect rug for your home office

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