How to Choose the Most Appropriate Ergonomic Chair

How to choose the most appropriate office chair for your needs

#WorkWell: How to choose the most appropriate office chair for your needs

We recently consulted South Africa’s first Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) and the CEO of Ergomax Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Dale Kennedy, to find out what to look for when picking out the perfect office chair. Keep reading to discover what key factors to consider.

Why are ergonomic chairs important?

At All Office, we have a large assortment of office chairs for sale to suit a variety of needs. Whether you’re working from a dedicated workspace or making the move to work from home, having an ergonomic office chair can help to boost your productivity, decrease strain that your body experiences while seated at your office desk and improve your everyday work experience to boot.

When remaining stationary for long periods of time, your risk of injury increases. Ergonomic office furniture therefore plays a critical role in increasing output as it allows you to complete more in a given time period with less fatigue and less risk of injury. 

Key considerations when choosing the perfect office chair ­– from the expert


According to Ergonomist Dale Kennedy, when sitting too low, upper body weight is transferred to your lower back which compresses your spine and can create a flexed hip and affect the angle of your knees. If your knees are positioned above hip height, discomfort is bound to increase and in turn this will flex your spine – increasing disc pressure. The result is slumped posture, which compresses the abdominal organs and reduces breathing ability.

He also notes that if you are prone to anxiety and sit in a slumped position, this can affect your breathing and even increase the likelihood of panic attacks.

If sitting too high, pressure increases on the thighs which results in leg swelling. You also are more prone to sliding forward and not making use of the lumbar support, which also increases pressure on the discs and leads to discomfort.

Consequently, an office chair that offers height adjustability comes highly recommended – check out the Tempo Ergonomic Office Chair.

Certified Ergonomic Office Chairs Tempo


If reducing strain on your lower back is a priority then lumbar support is the most important factor to consider as sitting without sufficient back support places pressure on the discs which ultimately leads to back pain.


Dale explains, “Shoulder and upper back muscles are affected by how the arms are held. Arm rests help support the weight of upper body mass which reduces spinal compression and the risk of back discomfort.”

Designed to your body’s needs, our Cassie Ergonomic Office Chair boasts adjustable armrests and lumbar support for your spine and back muscles. The high-tension mesh backrest allows for breathability and all-day comfort.


This nifty feature allows the seat pan to move with the back rest, creating a more dynamic sitting experience. This angle helps reduce pressure on the lower back thereby improving blood circulation. It also allows your feet to remain on the floor or foot rest while leaning back. When picking out a new office chair, the seat pan should fit your upper leg length so that you don’t add pressure to your knees.

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Now that you know what to look out for when choosing the perfect chair, be sure to browse our wide range of office chairs to find the best fit for your needs.

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