How a Remodelling Can Boost Productivity in the Office

How a Remodelling Can Boost Productivity in the Office

In With the New: How a Remodelling Can Boost Productivity in the Office

Is your office space feeling dull and uninspiring? Whether the problem is a lack of decoration or that you’re tired of staring at the same shelving unit above your desk day in and day out, an office redecoration may be the perfect solution. Studies on workplace productivity have shown that the most important factor contributing to an office worker’s ability to focus is the physical environment in which they work. A well-designed office can increase productivity by as much as 20 percent.

Ways to Easily Redecorate Your Office

Reviving your office space needn’t involve a complete overhaul. As well as being expensive, this can also interfere with valuable work time and cause much inconvenience. A small adjustment can have a large impact. Here are some methods of improving your office space with minimal effort while still achieving a positive effect.

Let in the Light

Good lighting is perhaps the most important component of a productive work environment. Poor lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, irritability and even depression. Natural light is also more effective than cold artificial lighting. Open up the office curtains or blinds, or invest in natural light bulbs.

Additional lighting such as LED desk lamps can enhance the light coverage in important areas such as your desk, or bring light to dark gloomy corners of the office.

Go Au Naturel

As biological creatures, humans are affected by our access to natural stimulation, whether it’s natural sunlight on our skin, fresh soil underfoot or a potted plant in our vicinity. Our proximity to nature impacts our psychological and physiological functioning, thereby affecting our ability to be productive. Spending all day every day in an office can negatively influence our productivity if we are too far removed from nature.

As well as natural lighting and direct sunlight, we can bring nature into the office in a number of ways. Potted plants add a decorative element to the office while connecting workers to nature and providing fresh, clean air. Plants in the office have proven to reduce stress and boost happiness as well as productivity. In lieu of the real thing, images of the natural can also have a positive effect.

Make Your Desk Your Throne

Sitting at an office desk all day can put strain on the body. Aches, pains and discomfort can prevent employees from focussing on their work. Make sure that your office desk and chair are suited to your body type as well as your work requirements. Ergonomic chairs such as the Cassie, paired with an adjustable desk such as the Ergowork electric height adjustable desk, offer healthier, more comfortable seating that promotes productivity at work.

If replacing your office furniture isn’t an option, why not add a footrest to improve posture, comfort and concentration?

Colour Me Productive

Research into colour psychology has shown that the overall colour and tone of your office can drastically affect both mood and productivity. Blue hues in particular are known for their positive effect on work productivity. Too much of one colour can be overbearing though, so consider implementing colour in accent areas. Repainting one wall or section would be effective, as would refurbishing the curtains, blinds or even the seating in the office. We offer curated colour combinations for all our upholstered furniture products that are designed to enhance creativity, productivity and mood.

A Place for Ideas

Every office worker knows the frustration of not having an outlet when inspiration strikes. An idea might pop up in the most inconvenient time and place, for example during a board meeting, and since there’s nowhere to jot it down, it may disappear forever. Prepare for these bursts of creativity by keeping a doodle notebook or drawing board near your desk. By recording new ideas that crop up, the office never has to lose out on a potential masterplan, keeping the work fresh and employees creative and productive.

Add Some Eye Candy

Featureless offices are known to inhibit creativity and productivity. A well-placed painting or decorative item can inspire office workers, keeping their minds sharp and their moods fresh.

The saying that change is good is true. A fresh new space opens the door to fresh new thinking, something every office should strive for. Whether it’s adding a small pot plant or replacing all the office furniture, stimulate your office’s productivity with something new from All Office’s exciting range. 

How a Remodelling Can Boost Productivity in the Office

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