Finishing Finesse – Choosing Your Office Chair Fabric and Upholstery

office chair fabric and upholstery

Finishing Finesse – How to Choose Your Office Chair Fabric and Upholstery

Office upholstery is an important consideration when choosing your office furniture. Fabric texture and colour are two key features to look for. Upholstery textures should not be coarse or rough, as this can cause discomfort for office staff. Colour choice is about so much more than simply making an office look attractive. Certain colours can stimulate productivity and creativity, enhancing the mood and performance in the office. These design elements go further than just the upholstery fabric too; from the wall paint to the office chair fabric finishes, colour and texture can be cohesively incorporated into an office to create an efficient, attractive space.

Choosing the Best Fabric Selection for Your Office Upholstery

Fabric may seem like a tricky subject best left to interior decorators, but it is still a choice that needs to be made for the office space. It isn’t as daunting as it first appears. The key concepts to consider are how the office chair fabric feels to the touch and the practical aspect of durability.

Upholstery fabric is made to be thicker and tougher than most fabrics, which is important. Your office upholstery fabric is going to experience a lot of wear and tear, with workers sitting on it all day. This also leads to discolouration and the potential for stains and other marks arising from constant use. Upholstery fabric is made to retain its colour vibrancy and is often treated to prevent abrasion and water damage.

The texture of the upholstery fabric contributes to its durability, while also affecting the appearance and comfort of the seat. Rough textured fabric can be uncomfortable to sit on. Some fabrics like corduroy have ridges that can leave indents in the skin under pressure, while other fabrics like tweed or raw wool can be itchy or unpleasant to the touch. On the other hand, smooth or glossy fabric like satin or even vinyl does not offer a good grip for sitting, causing sitters to slide around on their seat uncomfortably. Vinyl and some synthetic fabrics also offer reduced breathability, causing the sitter to sweat and stick to the chair. Thinner fabrics often offer greater variety in attractive colours or prints, but they don’t have the same durability as a thicker upholstery fabric.

Good upholstery fabric is usually made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres, such as cotton and polyester, and is sturdy enough to last but still offers breathability, rigid but gentler textures, and attractive designs. We provide a selection of different upholstery fabrics such as jacquard and twill that you can choose from when picking out your office seating.

Match Your Fabric With Finishes for Furniture

Hard surface finishing goes hand in hand with your fabric selection. Just as upholstery fabric offers different textures and colours, so do different hard surfaces. Our wooden workstations, tables, storage and other furniture products are available in a wide range of veneer, melamine and wrapped PVC finishes to suit your preferences. Melamine and wrapped PVC are man-made finishes made from plastic-based compounds, while veneer is made from thin layers of timber.

As such, veneer provides a more natural-looking wood finish, but it is also more costly and less durable. Melamine and wrapped PVC offer heat resistance, water resistance, stain and abrasion resistance and greater versatility and durability. All three finishes are available in a wide range of colour tones and patterns. Because veneer is sourced from natural timber, each piece has a unique pattern and looks very realistic. Melamine and wrapped PVC are digitally printed and can thus mimic natural wood prints, as well as other textures and solid colours too.

How to Choose the Right Colour Combinations for Your Office

According to UOE, a UK based interior design company, lovely bright colours are going to be one of the major trends in 2019. When it comes to upholstery for seating and other fabric furnishings like curtains or cushions, the colour is what will stand out the most. Colour also has a cognitive and emotional effect on people. You can choose your office colours based on three different approaches:

  1. The colours you find most attractive or are currently trending
  2. The colours that have shown to have the best effects on office productivity and mood
  3. The colours that match your brand image and identity

You can also match your hard surface wood finishes to your colour choices, or select the colours that best complement your existing furniture. Unless your office is very minimalistic in colour design, one colour is usually not enough. We provide a selection of fabric colour combinations to help inspire you and ease your selection process. Our fabrics are available in both patterned and plain colours that create the perfect office look. We can also provide custom finishes for both fabric and wood finishes. To find out more, why not speak to All Office today

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